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  • May 2016 hottest on record: NASA

    Washington: Global temperature records were broken yet again in May this year, according to data released by NASA, which also found that the northern hemisphere witnessed the hottest spring ever. The heat has been especially pronounced in the Arctic, resulting in a very early onset of the annual melting of the Arctic sea ice and the Greenland ice sheet. Snow cover in the northern hemisphere was exceptionally low.

  • Union Cabinet clears Civil Aviation Policy

    New Delhi: The Union Cabinet on Tuesday cleared the Civil Aviation Policy, which is set to open door to a number of passenger-friendly measures including capping of airfares at Rs. 2,500 for an hour-long flight.

  • Scare in Jet Airways flight, plane lands safely    

    Bengaluru: A Mangaluru-bound Jet Airways flight with 65 passengers and four crew members on board today returned to the airport here shortly after departure as smoke was detected RPT detected in the cabin.

  • Helping co-workers can tire you: Study

    Washington: Office-goers, take note! Helping your co-workers too often may lead to mental and emotional exhaustion and hurt your job performance, a new study has warned. The effects were especially strong for employees with high “pro-social motivation” – or those who care deeply about the welfare of others, researchers said.

  • India’s cabinet clears new aviation policy: Sources

    New Delhi: India’s cabinet on Wednesday cleared a new civil aviation policy with some changes in the rules that allow carriers to fly abroad, besides measures to promote regional connectivity and boost cargo operations, sources said.

  • With no rains, water woes worsen in Nashik

    Nashik: The problem of water scarcity in Maharashtra’s Nashik has worsened as the district’s 12 small and medium water reservoirs have dried up.

  • BJP using weapon of communalism for political gains in UP: Samajwadi Party

    New Delhi: Hitting back at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the Kairana exodus row, Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal on Wednesday accused the saffron party of spreading communalism for political gains ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls.

  • Shabana-Azmi

    CBFC should only classify films: Shabana Azmi

    Mumbai: Veteran actress Shabana Azmi is of the view that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) should neither censor nor certify movies, instead only classify them.

  • Brexit vote would trigger cuts, tax hikes: Osborne

    London: A vote to leave the European Union in a referendum next week would trigger tax hikes and spending cuts, Britain’s finance minister warned today, after stock markets sank on the apparently rising prospect of Brexit.

  • First complex organic molecule discovered in space

    Washington: A complex organic molecule essential for biology has been discovered for the first time in interstellar space, a finding that may help understand how
    life originated in the universe. Like a pair of human hands, certain organic molecules have mirror-image versions of themselves, a chemical property known as chirality.

  • Cats understand laws of physics: study

    Tokyo: Cats can understand some elements of physics as well as the principle of cause and effect, which along with their keen sense of hearing, helps the felines predict where a possible prey hides, a new study has found. Previous research has established that cats predict the presence of invisible objects based on what they hear.

  • Why confidence in memories declines with age

    New York: Older people struggle to remember important details because their brains cannot resist the irrelevant “stuff” they soak up subconsciously, thereby making them less confident in their memories, a study says. Using bio-sensors to look at brain activity, the researchers saw that older participants wandered into a brief “mental time travel” when trying to recall details.

  • 15 mins of exercise daily can cut death risk in elderly: study

    London: Just exercising for 15 minutes daily may lower the risk of death in the elderly, a new study has claimed. “Age is not an excuse to do no exercise. It is well established that regular physical activity has a better overall effect on health than any medical treatment,” said David Hupin from University Hospital of Saint-Etienne in France. “But less than half of older adults achieve the recommended minimum of 150 minutes moderate

  • Treat your father to some special sweet delicacy

    New Delhi: How about treating your father to some yummilicious chocolate delicacies this Father’s day as L’Opacra, India’s first authentic French pastry and bakery enterprise in India, has come up with some exclusive recipes meant only for the day.

  • Donald Glover in Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Washington, D.C.: Donald Glover has joined the star-studded cast of the upcoming film ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’

  • Here’s why women live longer than men

    Washington D.C. : It’s funny but true — women have a longer lifespan compared to men. Researchers Steven Austad and Kathleen Fischer of the University of Alabama explored this riddle in their latest perspective piece. “Humans are the only species in which one sex is known to have a ubiquitous survival advantage,” the researchers write in their review covering a multitude of species.