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  • Ankur Bhatia

    Glory in being Aishwaya’s husband!

    What if you get to play hubby to the world’s more gorgeous woman, well, these are moments for a happy dance! That is exactly what Ankur Bhatia is feeling. The actor cannot believe his good luck that he has managed to bag a film of such stature so soon in his career. Of course when he is not jumping with joy, he is waiting restlessly for the release date to come closer.

  • Amyra Dastur

    Amyra’s home bound!

    Amyra Dastur who was shooting for her first international project has wrapped up the shoot and returned to India. Given Amyra is a relatively new actor, having to work with a legend like Jackie Chan might have been an unparalleled experience.

  • shahrukh khan and abram

    Who is tutoring AbRam?

    Seeing the tiniest tot of the Khan family is always a pleasure, seeing him sword fight with Parineeti Chopra was cuter, however Papa Shah Rukh Khan cannot seem to fathom who is teaching his son these cute ways of making all the hottest girls in tinsel town go fida on him.

  • deepika padukone

    I can’t choreograph dirty songs: Kathak legend Birju Maharaj

    India’s famed Kathak exponent Birju Maharaj, who choreographed actress Deepika Padukone in “Mohe rang do laal” for the National Award-winning film “Bajirao Mastani”, says that he cannot choreograph “dirty songs” which involve skin exposure.

  • Weekly Prediction 22 to 28 May 2016

    Aries:- You may be thinking of expansion of business or renovation of your office place in this week. This is the time to utilize your side income into new projects or investments but need to take precaution that it is in safe hands. Romantic relationship will be fine this week. There will be injuries or accidents while on wheels on Monday and Tuesday. Those in politics and social sector must take some

  • Will you go on a ‘date’-ing app?

    “Enough of social networking, let’s stay away from those boring matrimonial sites, at least now I should give it a try to these ‘Dating apps’…” says today’s youth. So let us take a tour of these dating apps says Roshani Shinde

  • Overseas education is now a middle class dream too

    Seema Wadhwa says the advent of student loans in India has converted the overseas education dream limited to the few gifted ones to now a possible reality for many.

  • Book review: Biography of Zubin Mehta – a Musical Phenomenon

    When a man sets out to describe a giant there are a limited number of things he can do. One, like David did to Goliath, he can bring him down to his level and like Shelley lament the disappointment over the mighty, fallen.The second option is to rise up to the level of the giant and get a good look at him, see the world as the giant sees it and describe

  • I’m not capable of implementing Lodha panel reforms: Manohar

    Mumbai: Having stepped down as president of the embattled Indian Cricket Board that is facing the heat from the Supreme Court, Shashank Manohar today said he quit as he was not capable of implementing the recommendations of the Justice Lodha Committee and see BCCI’s structure collapsing.

  • How laughter benefits the mind

    Dr Shrirang Bakhle says humour not only makes us look at the situation from a different angle but also makes us accept the imperfections in ourselves and our lives with a smile.

  • Book review: A revolutionary history of Inte war India by Kama Maclean

    Kama Maclean’s A Revolutionary History of Interwar India is a new and fresh addition in the world of books on Indian revolutionaries who fought against British imperialism. They sacrificed their lives not only for the Independence but also for the socialism. The book in India is published by Penguin Books. The book also demonstrates how revolutionaries influenced Congress’s policies and actions.

  • Ulta Pulta: Amar got the Talent!

    For once let us not take the real political developments too seriously but rather enjoy it in a musical way as the stage is set for some comeback performers, writes SUMEET NAIK.

  • ayurveda

    Panca Pancaka: The five sense organs

    Panca Pancaka: The Five Pentads (The five sensory organs and their groups that are five each in number)

  • Baby born with foetus in China

    Beijing: In a rare case, a woman in northwest China has delivered twin brothers with one of the babies having another foetus in his abdominal area. The twin brothers were born prematurely in Xi’an, provincial capital of Shaanxi. The elder boy weighed about two kilogrammes at birth.