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  • Delhi Odd-Even: Tughlaq’s sledgehammer backfires

    In the West, not possessing a TV set at home is often regarded as a statement of social snobbery. Occasionally, and particularly in the bigger cities, this lifestyle statement extends to not possessing a car. When a car is needed, middle class individuals often go to the nearest Hertz or Avis and simply hire one.

  • The Pope talks to Europe

    Real stories so often get lost in the news; and news itself becomes a passing banner in the long parade of information that sets out after breakfast on a march into the night. Who has time or attention span to measure significance?

  • A President’s Platitudes

    Shri Sanjiva Reddy’s Presidential Address at the 66th session of the Congress makes strange reading. He appears to be so certain that “there is a subtle but strong thread of unity which runs through the  infinite multiplicity of our national life” that one is left wondering as to why the Congress then took the trouble of hammering out an elaborate resolution on national integration. Having climbed into his seven league boots in

  • IPL 2016: Mumbai beat Punjab by 25 runs for third win

    Mohali: Mumbai Indians defeated Kings XI Punjab by 25 runs to bag their third victory in the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium here on Monday.