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  • Lord Bhatia breaches expenses claim rules

    London: An 84-year-old Indian-origin millionaire peer is facing an eight-month suspension from the House of Lords for breaching the British Parliament’s expense claim rules for the second time.

  • US army takes first step approves first women officers for ground combat roles

    Washington: In a major step towards integrating women into ground combat roles, the US Army will commission the first 22 women currently under training as second lieutenants in the infantry and armour branches under historic new rules that open ground combat jobs to females.

  • London mayor accuses Obama of hypocrisy

    London: London Mayor Boris Johnson has accused US President Barack Obama of hypocrisy for supporting those who want Britain to stay in the European Union.

  • Pope Brings 12 Syrian refugees to Italy in lesson for Europe

    Moria (Greece): Pope Francis gave Europe a concrete lesson today in how to treat refugees by bringing 12 Syrian Muslims to Italy aboard his charter plane after an emotional visit to the hard-hit Greek island of Lesbos.

  • Scores trapped as Japan quakes toll hits 35

    Kumamoto (Japan): Scores of people were feared buried alive today after two powerful quakes hit southern Japan a day apart, killing at least 35 people, as a forecast storm threatened more devastating landslides.

  • Brussels airport ‘back to full capacity in June’

    Brussels: Brussels airport will fully re-open in June, its chief executive said, after suffering extensive damage when two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the departures hall last month killing 16.

  • Families sue after US sperm bank ‘used pyschotic convict’

    Ottawa: Three Canadian families are suing a sperm bank and its distributor alleging they were given sperm from a convicted felon diagnosed with multiple mental disorders – but told he was a genius.

  • Beam installation set to get underway

    New York: The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) — an expandable habitat crucial for future deep space exploration — will be removed from the back of the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship on Saturday before installation on the Tranquility module that begins on early Sunday.

  • Angioplasties performed in India rise by 42 pc in 2015: NIC

    Hyderabad: The number of angioplasties performed in the country has gone up by 42 per cent in 2015 as compared to the previous year, as per the National Interventional Council (NIC) data announced here today. The NIC – a forum for practitioners of Interventional Cardiology and the Interventional arm of Cardiology Society of India (CSI) – released its data at the ongoing NIC-2016, being held here.

  • Fossil fuels could be phased out globally in just 10 yrs

    Washington D.C: Burning of fossil fuels is very concerning, but now a team of researchers has suggested that the worldwide reliance on burning fossil fuels could be phased out in just 10 years.

  • Centre, Odisha to form new company for implementing projects

    Bhubaneswar: Stressing that Odisha failed to get its due in terms of investment in the railway sector in the past, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today said the Centre and the state government would form a new company for implementation of different projects.

  • Education doesn’t narrow gender pay gap

    Washington D.C: Though they now receive almost as much education as men, women are still paid less than their male counterparts, according to a recent study.

  • Too much noise can damage your baby’s brain

    Washington D.C : We have long known that too much noise damages our ears, but did you know that it also may pose a risk to your head? As per a recent study, it can affect our brain development.

  • T. G. L. Iyer

    Keep moving forward only

    Some species of sharks have to keep moving just to survive. It is also the life of creative people that they don’t rest on their laurels. In fact, they are restless making a commitment to hunt for opportunities that can reveal their talents. All the time in life, we are either moving towards, or retreating from our cherished goals and it is upon us to decide to chase, rest or retreat.