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  • Shraddha Kapoor, Urvashi Rautela, Sunny Leone turn up the heat at LFW Day 4- Part 1

    As the heat turns up and summer splurges in, Lakme Fashion Week paves way for more hotness in its couture on the runway. Day 4 saw some young buzz and aged glamour of Bollywood that got spectators applauding with delight. From the upcoming rebel Shraddha Kapoor to the evergreen fashionista Helen, we take you through designers and stars that sizzled on the ramp.

  • Winning is all about mind over matter

    Washington: According to a recent study, fights are won and lost in the brain. Researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan have found that a deep-brain structure called the habenula contains two neural circuits that work in a complex interplay to influence whether a fight will be a win or los.

  • Nityanand Charandas

    When the Supreme Lord Transcends Morality

    Lord Krishna,being the impartial Supreme Lord, took a vow to not lift any weapons in the battle of Kurukshetra against any party. Still He lifted a chariot wheel to kill Bhishma and even took up His Sudarshan Chakra to protect the embryo in the womb of Uttara(Abhimanyu’s wife) from the Brahmastra released by Ashvathama to destroy even the last remaining descendent of the Pandavas.

  • Lower the home temperature in winter, smaller your waistline

    Washington DC: Got the belly bulge? You may want to turn down the heat inside your house during winter as a new study has found that those whose homes stay cool have smaller waistlines.

  • LFW 2016: Weaving Tales A Designer Outlook

    With Indian Textiles taking a centre stage, OSHIN FERNANDES and ANKIETA KARNANI, talk to various designers to get an insight into what makes it so desirable.

  • Role Reversal: Men rocking in women’s job and how!

     Roshani Shinde says that contrary to the stereotypes of gender based occupation; lakhs of males across India are doing well in occupations that have been traditionally dominated by the fairer sex.

  • Digitally Cloned:Brains are bound to the Internet

    Disha Prashant says that our brains today are bound to the internet only because we can.  Is it time to unwind these wires and let the brain take its rightful place?

  • RBI: An Anecdotal History

    The author of the book under review is a Post Graduate in Economics and served in the Reserve Bank of India for forty years in a number of Departments and retired as Deputy General Manager. He is a rare bird—a literary banker. He has to his credit another book “A Bunch of Fragrant Roses.”

  • Letting your hair up

    To beat the summer heat, all you have to do is get the right hairstyle and haircut. SAPNA SARFARE shows you the right way to approach it.

  • The ‘I, ME’ syndrome

    Exalted ego play havoc on human minds when the power of discrimination gets obfuscated in the razzmatazz and dazzle of ‘doership’, leading to the downfall of an individual, says RAVI VALLURI.

  • Burdened with house-work

    Burdened with house-work

    I am a 50 year old woman. My son got married last year with a girl of his choice belonging to a different religion. As parents, we did not object and accepted the match lovingly. The wedding also went off well. Now the issue is that my daughter-in-law is a working woman and both her and my son are out most of the day working. This results in all the

  • Dealing with uncertainty of the future

    What are all the things that we can do to shape the future and reduce the uncertainty? The first thing to do is to become calm, writes Dr SHRIRANG BAKHLE.

  • Talking Movies

    Walking down my lane it isn’t uncommon for folks to bid you the time of day. But today a rather loud “Good Morning,” sent memory bells ringing and into the frame came

  • Dwarka – Spirituality by the sea…

    On the map it looks like a little finger of land jutting out into the sea, with a narrow road leading almost to the tip of the finger at Okha on the West coast of Gujarat, the gateway to reach Bet Dwarka. The last bit runs parallel to the sea and was packed with colourfully-painted boats with little flags fluttering in the wind.

  • Food Talk with expert Michael Swamy

    In the second part of the series, Sapna Sarfare speaks to Chef, Food Cr itic, Food stylist and Food Photographer, Michael Swamy to predict food trends in India for this year.

  • Mass grave of IS victims found in Palmyra, 40 bodies recovered

    Damascus: The bodies of 40 people killed by the Islamic State militant group were uncovered in a mass grave in Palmyra city of Syria. A source told SANA that defence groups managed to pull out 25 bodies during combing operations in Masakin al-Jahizia neighbourhood of the city.

  • Hyatt to open 3 more hotels in India

    Chandigarh: American hospitality chain Hyatt today said it will launch three more hotel properties in the country this fiscal as part of its expansion plans. “We shall be opening three more properties in India in  current fiscal,” Hyatt India Consultancy, Vice -President (Operations), Kurt Straub told reporters here today.

  • ‘Ojas’ is key to physical strength

    For good health and various vital activities of life, body strength (energy) is a very important factor. One needs strength and energy to perform general day-to-day activities in life. Without the required energy, one cannot face the difficult and complicated challenges of life nor can one perform general activities properly. One cannot estimate strength merely on the basis of body structure. Before selecting the proper line of treatment for a patient, a physician should