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  • N-summit in US to hold session on countering ISIS attacks

    Washington: In the aftermath of the horrific terror attacks in Brussels, world leaders at a special session during the Nuclear Security Summit next week will discuss threats posed by groups like ISIS to urban areas across the globe and seek solutions to counter such assaults.

  • Suicide bombers kill 3 soldiers in attack on Iraq base

    Baghdad: A group of suicide bombers from the Islamic State group killed three Iraqi soldiers today in an attack on a military base hosting hundreds of coalition advisers, officers said.

  • Brussels airport to remain closed till March 29

    Brussels: Brussels international airport will not reopen before March 29, authorities said on Saturday, following terror attacks in the Belgian capital that killed 31 people.

  • Syria army edges forward in jihadist-held Palmyra

    Palmyra: Syrian troops backed by Russian ground and air forces today pushed deeper into the Islamic State group stronghold of Palmyra, as Washington considered boosting its anti-jihadist fight in neighbouring Iraq.

  • North Korea warns of strike on Seoul’s presidential palace

    Pyongyang: Upping its rhetoric a notch, North Korea has warned that it will attack Seoul’s presidential palace unless it receives an apology from South Korean President Park Geun-hye for “treason.”

  • Belgium charges suspected Brussels airport bomber

    Brussels: Belgium today charged a man believed to be the fugitive third Brussels airport bomber with terrorism murder, in a breakthrough for security forces facing criticism for letting suspects slip through the net.

  • The success mantra…

    Success is 51% mind and 49% sweat, writes RAVI VALLURI.

  • How superstitions are formed in the mind

    Superstitions arise and persist because of some mind features. Dr SHRIRANG BAKHLE sheds light on some of them.

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Painfully shy high school student Charlie (Logan Lerman) finds it difficult to make friends. At a game he befriends Sam (Emma Watson) and her stepbrother Patrick (Ezra Miller) who, on realising he has no friends, introduce him to their group. Charlie offers to tutor Sam so that she can improve her SAT scores and get admitted to a university of her choice. Charlie starts loving Sam even though she is already involved

  •  How to deal with neck pain

    DR SADIYA VANJARA speaks about the reasons behind neck pain and the solutions for reducing it.At any given point in time, our neck muscles, which are also known as the postural muscles, are predominantly contracting (being used) to take the weight of the head.  

  • The Leadership Odyssey 

    The Odyssey of Leadership is filled with great uncertainty and is taken by only a few. It takes an exceptional effort to rise from being a good leader to a great leader.

  • The Vicky Factor

    In the first of a five part series, SAPNA SARFARE has ace celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani speaks about food trend to rock

  • Love is Always Right and Other Musings

    In this book, the author offers a well considered but refreshingly uncomplicated take on issues of life, love and livelihood.

  • Siddaramaiah

    The Great Sacrifices – Tamil King Pari

    V Gangadhar longs for the good, old days when people and kings were ready to give up their near and dear ones and prized possessions. Those were the days of Great Sacrifices. The present is so different, finds out V GANGADHAR.

  •  The first impressions

    KAVITA SHYAM dolls out tips for girls to woo your guy.