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  • Lord Krishna

    Lord Chaitanya: His Life and Teachings – 1

    The Supreme Lord Krishna declares in the Bhagavad Gita that whenever there is a decline in the religious principles, He descends millennium after millennium to put order into disorder. The major part of this mission is to annihilate the demoniac forces.In Satya Yuga, the demons and the divine lived on different planets. In Treta Yuga,they lived on the same planet and in Dvapara Yuga, grew up together within the same house such

  • Just desserts for Bhujbal

    The arrest of senior NCP leader and former deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, Chhagan Bhujbal, on Monday in a case of money- laundering was not entirely unexpected. He has been under the lens of various anti-corruption agencies for sometime now.

  • Disclosure, deception or directional change?

    Just about two months after the terror attack on the Pathankot Air Force Station, police forces in states bordering Pakistan were issued a terror alert about an imminent attack by a group of around 10 Pakistani terrorists who had infiltrated into India. Apparently, the discovery of an abandoned Pakistani fishing boat only seemed to fuel the fear that another 26/11 type attack was in the offing. The target was believed to be

  • ‘Cultural Czar’ BJP now using soft approach

    What used to be a tenuous, undercover tie between the BJP and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living (AOL) organisation, blossomed into an openly flaunted friendship when Narendra Modi graced the spiritual guru’s vaudeville on the flood plains of the Yamuna in Delhi last Friday.

  • Jundal’s lawyer denied Headley’s US statements

    Mumbai  : The special TADA Court on Monday rejected the three applications made by the defence advocate of 26/11 key conspirator Abu Jundal. Jundal’s laywer had filed four applications in the court, a week ago before cross-examining the Pakistani-American terrorist David Headley.

  • Vaishnav saints stage chakka-jam over poor sanitation

    Ujjain : Vaishnav saints of ‘Terah Bhai Tyagi’ khalsa resorted to chakka-jam after negligence by the mela authorities, in providing them services. They demanded new land piece near to the Vaishnav akharas from the mela authorities.

  • Section 52 may be invoked in BU: Gupta

    BHOPAL : Higher Education Minister Umashankar Gupta, replying to a question of MLA Arif Aqueel in the House on Tuesday, said section 52 may be invoked in Barkatullah University (BU) if needed.

  • Health staffers back on duty, claims Commissioner

    BHOPAL : The Health Commissioner has claimed that the regular ANM and other health workers have called off their strike and 1000 contractual health workers are also  back on job but the regular health workers have decided to take the assurance in writing and the contractual workers are still adamant on their strike.

  • Govt promises no raids for excise on jewellers

    Ujjain : Following aggressive opposition from jewellers and firm stance with indefinite strike against the excise duty levy, the government has promised ‘no raids’ on jewellers in normal circumstances.

  • Global firms keen to set up path lab in MY

    Indore : Following the decision of MP High Court not to interfere in the matter of establishing private pathology lab in MY Hospital, the MGM Medical College administration called tenders for the purpose, on Tuesday.

  • Fin min defends new GDP series

    New Delhi : Notwithstanding the criticism, the finance ministry said the new GDP series introduced by the Central Statistics Office accurately reflects the current economic situation.