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  • Air Force to keep flying over SCS, says US

    Canberra : The US Air Force will continue to fly daily missions over the South China Sea despite a buildup of Chinese surface-to-air missiles and fighter jets in the contested region, with both nations’ militaries in discussions to avoid any miscalculations, a top US general said.

  • Trump still in lead, Rubio not far behind

    Washington : US Republican presidential front- runner Donald Trump faces a tough test when the party’s key primaries will be held in four states of Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi as the gap between him and his rivals has narrowed.

  • Seoul announces sanctions on North

    Seoul: South Korea said  it is imposing unilateral sanctions on North Korea over its recent nuclear test and rocket launch, including a ban on financial dealings with 40 individuals and 30 entities, reports AP. The announcement came a day after North Korea warned of pre-emptive nuclear strikes in response to the start of US-South Korean military drills it views as a rehearsal for invasion. This year’s annual drills, set to run until

  • China disowns its reclusive ally, won’t back nuclear adventure

    Beijing : In a rare public display of annoyance towards North Korea, China  said it will not support its reclusive ally’s pursuit to acquire nuclear weapons and missiles but will provide security assistance if war breaks out in the Korean peninsula. “If the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) seeks development and security, we are prepared to help and provide support,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in his annual briefing.

  • Iran conducts missile tests

    Tehran : Iran conducted multiple ballistic missile tests today in an exercise to demonstrate “deterrent power,” a move that comes in defiance of US sanctions imposed over its missile programme in January.

  • US accused of sabre-rattling in Korean peninsula

    Beijing :  China on Tuesday described the joint military drill between the US and South Korea as an act of “sabre-rattling”, saying the situation was a bit explosive and could spell disaster, reports IANS.

  • 85 pc of young women in UK harassed in public places

    London :  An alarming 85 per cent of young women in Britain have been sexually harassed in public places with very few people stepping in to intervene, according to a survey released to mark the International Women’s Day.

  • In a first, bionic finger makes amputee feel texture on his hand

    London :  In a world’s first, a team of Swiss scientists has enabled an amputee feel smoothness and roughness in real-time with an artificial fingertip that was surgically connected to nerves in his upper arm, reports IANS.

  • People’s concerns on EPF tax proposal legitimate: Sinha

    New Delhi :  The government rolled back the proposal to tax EPF withdrawals as it realised that concerns raised by lots of people are very legitimate, Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha said on Tuesday.

  • Steel and mines sectors are looking up: Tomar

    The focus on infrastructure, village electrification, rural areas, rail network and road construction will give boost to economy and benefit sectors like steel and mines, says minister  (more…)

  • No double taxation of consortium, its members

    The Circular, however, makes it clear that it will not apply to cases where all or some of the members of the consortium are Associated Enterprises as defined under section-92A of the Income-Tax Act (more…)

  • No TDS will be levied on Ads

    NEW DELHI : The Government on Tuesday clarified that no TDS (tax deducted on source) will be levied on the advertising agencies booking or canvasing advertisements, typically at the rate of 15% of the billing.

  • Sensex rise by 12.75 pts

    Mumbai :   After moving up and down, the market benchmark Sensex closed in the green for the fifth consecutive day by edging up 13 points as investors got on with their buying activity amid foreign fund inflows.

  • Govt to sell 5% in Concor today; may get Rs 1,165 cr

    New Delhi :  Government will on Wednesday sell 5 per cent stake in Container Corporations of India (Concor) at a base price of Rs 1,195 a piece, which may fetch it an estimated Rs 1,165 crore.