Free Press Journal
  • Now, detect milk adulteration in 45 seconds

    NEW DELHI : The number of those adulterating milk in India, endangering lives of lakhs of children, are over. The Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) at Pilani in Rajasthan have developed a portable instrument that automatically scans milk samples within 45 second to detect detergent, urea, soap, soda and salt without the need to employ technicians.

  • The universe has ears

    As an enquiry, science has generally left me perplexed. During first encounters in school, physics was a bit of blank and chemistry intriguing only when it lit a few flames. Mathematics was more welcome, with its logic and assumptions, but anything built on a notional zero can only be considered a philosophy.

  • T. G. L. Iyer

    Make attitudes your allies

    Bing Crosby, popular Hollywood actor and singer of the forties and fifties made this song popular : ‘You don’t need to know the language to say you are in love’. In fact, you don’t need to know any language to say ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘I envy you’ or ‘I like my job’ or ‘I am bored’ or ‘I am happy’ and so on.

  • New technique may help divert Earth-bound asteroids

    Washington : A new approach that uses a spacecraft to crash at high speeds into an asteroid headed for a collision with the Earth may prevent the potentially devastating consequences of an impact, scientists say.  One technique to divert an asteroid, called kinetic impact, uses a spacecraft to crash into the body at high speeds, researchers said. reports PTI .