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  • Officers and employees association submits 71-point memo

    Ujjain : Madhya Pradesh Officers and Employees Association along with several other organisations handed over memorandum addressed to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and the Chief Secretary Anthony JC DeSa in favour of their 71 points demands to the representatives of collector here on Tuesday.

  • Google balloon set to provide fast internet in remote areas

    New York : Google’s ambitious project to deliver internet to remote parts of the world using high-flying balloons has survived a brutal development phase and will enter the testing mode later this year, media reported on Tuesday. With “Project Loon”, the internet giant struggled to find the right balloon design that could be both inexpensive and durable not only to float but navigate to predictably travel through the stratosphere, tech website Re/Code reported.

  • Book ‘Casualty, First Aid & Cure’ released

    Ujjain : A book ‘Casualty, First Aid & Cure’ authored by orthopedics Dr GD Nagar was released at Simhastha Fair office. The book contains the tips to deal with casualty, plague and natural disasters.

  • Cancel land allotment in Simhastha: Shankaracharya

    Ujjain : Representatives of Shankaracharya Swarupananda Saraswati, Dharanand and Ramananda Bramhchari on Tuesday requested the Mahakal zone officer ADM Avadhesh Sharma to cancel the land piece, allotted to Shankaracharya for Simhastha mela.

  • New microbes that thrive deep in the earth discovered

    New York : An international team of researchers has discovered new micro-organisms that make a living in the deep subsurface biosphere of our planet without any light or oxygen.The scientists believe that these organisms are able to survive several kilometers under the surface of the Earth by using carbon monoxide to gain energy.

  • Fortnight long Hindi awareness programme

    Ujjain : Hindi fortnight of Bhartiya Bhasha Sammelan was inaugurated at Sevadham ashram here. Chairman of Bhartiya Bhasha Sammelan Dr Ved Pratap Vaidik inaugurating the event said, Bhasha (language), is the medium to learn and adopt the culture and learning any subject is easy for one in mother tongue. Although we are independent, but the shackles of language are still upon us, he said. He appealed the masses to start the trend

  • 225 optional docs made defence volunteers First aid training for docs

    Ujjain : Home Guards department has made 225 optional doctors defense volunteers to deal with the casualty. Doctors have been given first aid training to ensure safe and successful Simhastha. 2-day training camp was inaugurated at Polytechnic College auditorium.

  • Jain Sadhvi to become Maha Mandleshwar of Juna akhara

    Ujjain : Jain Sadhvi Chandan Prabha, will become Maha Mandleshwar of Juna akhara during the upcoming Simhastha mela. It will be first time a Jain sadhwi will be given title of Maha mandleshwar by a sanyasi akhara. Sadhwi Prabha on Tuesday arrived in the city and tool blessings of Acharya Pithadhish of Juna akhara Swami Avadheshananda Giri.

  • New leak detection system to better preserve Moon samples

    Beijing : Chinese scientists have developed a system to measure the leak rate for a vacuum environment to figure out a better way to preserve samples from the Moon, increasing the accuracy of research. The measurement system will be used in China’s third step Moon exploration programme, according to scientists at the Lanzhou Institute of Physics at Chinese Academy of Space Technology, reports PTI.

  • Soon, personalised chemotherapy for leukaemia patients

    Washington : Researchers have determined how inherited gene variations lead to severe drug toxicity that may threaten chances for a cure in children with leukaemia, a finding which sets the stage to expand the use of a patient’s genetic make-up to tailor chemotherapy.

  • Join social groups to live longer during golden years

    London : How do you plan to take care of yourself after retirement? New research recommends that you join social groups such as book clubs since having a social hobby is like regular exercise to live happier and longer, reports IANS.

  • Regular sex can help the elderly fight off dementia

    London : If you are in your 50s and experiencing early signs of dementia, before you schedule an appointment with a doctor, why not try some steamier sex tonight to cut those forgetfulness episodes and live a healthier life?

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- You will be found to be displaying your best diplomatic abilities to do well in various stage of the life. This will have strong bearing on events. Romantic relationship will be fine.

  • The coquetry of lady luck

    Why Me?? What on Earth did I do to deserve this?? Why always Me?

  • Supping with the enemy?

    Survival is a strong human instinct. It makes you do things you wouldn’t do ordinarily. Who would have thought, for instance, that the Congress and the CPI(M) would agree to put aside their bitter past and toy with the idea of jointly facing the challenge of Mamata Banerjee  in the coming Assembly poll. Fear of outright rejection by the voters in the poll due in a couple of months seems to have

  • Headley: Metaphor for faulty Pak policy

    David Headley’s deposition before an Indian court has caused something of a storm in the Indian media. Surprisingly, the so-called sensational disclosures made by Headley contain neither any new revelation nor any new information about the conspiracy and planning behind the 26/11 attacks, the organic links that tie Pakistani state actors with ‘non-state actors’, the duplicity of and deception by the Pakistani state to use law not as a tool to punish

  • FM in dilemma, India Inc must do its bit

    India’s latest real GDP growth number of 7.6 per cent in 2015-16 provides an indication of the dilemma in union finance minister Arun Jaitley’s mind ahead of the forthcoming budget for 2016-17: fiscal consolidation or growth. India is now statistically one of the fastest growing economies when chilly recessionary winds blow through the global economy. If all is considered hunky dory on growth, he would aim for fiscal consolidation to set the