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  • Lord Krishna

    Feeding our divine nature

    In the 16th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna talks about the divine and the demoniac natures and also explains their advantages and disadvantages respectively. The divine qualities like cultivation of spiritual knowledge, freedom from anger, study of scriptures, aversion to fault-finding, compassion to all living entities etc lead to freedom from suffering. The demoniac qualities,on the other hand,namely pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness, and ignorance lead to further bondage, frustration

  • Manage risk of smart toys for kids, parents warned

    London : Finland-based online security and privacy company F-Secure has warned parents to become more aware of the threats posed by new Internet of Things (IoT) toys designed for kids. Smart toys are essentially toys that connect to the internet and are set to become a large product category for IoT devices.

  • Nalin Patel dazzles

    Mumbai : Defending champion Nalin Patel of Bombay Gymkhana kicked off his campaign with two double century breaks, in the second round robin of the state level MCF Open Billiards Tournament, at the Mandpeshwar Civic Federation, Borivali on Sunday.

  • Former-CIC order in ignorance of statutory provisions: CIC Mathur

    New Delhi : In a controversial order, newly appointed Chief Information Commissioner R K Mathur has rescinded a directive of former chief Satyananda Mishra saying it was ‘rendered in ignorance of the statutory provisions’ and was not binding.

  • ‘Wonder’ metal that behaves like water

    Washington : In a first, researchers from Harvard University and research centre Raytheon BBN Technology have observed electrons in Graphene that behave like a fluid, reports IANS.

  • Genuine contest, not a coronation

    The US presidential race has kick-started in an emphatic fashion with American voters lining up to choose Democrat and Republican contenders for the presidential race later this year. Republican Ted Cruz’s win in the Iowa caucus marks the commencement of a heavily scrutinised and intensive process. The outcome of their decisions in secret ballot primaries and public caucuses and will pave the way for a seismic political battle. This may come across

  • Stage set to rank 75 top cities under ‘Swachh Bharat’

    New Delhi : The stage is set to recognise cities that have taken ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign seriously, with a Top 75 ranking based on feedback from 20 million citizens, among others parameters, says the chair of the institution that has conducted the exercise.

  • capital investments

    Risk Averse? Invest in Debt Funds

    With equity markets into a free fall, a number of investors are selling their equity holdings en masse and getting into safer debt instruments.  This week’s article deals with the question – if fixed income is indeed what one wishes to invest in, how does one go about choosing which fixed income instrument to buy? The interest on bank or corporate deposits is fully taxable – consequently the post tax interest doesn’t