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  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- Expressing your emotions and discussing important issues with your partner will help in easing recent tensions. Be patient and diplomatic in your interactions with seniors and colleagues.

  • Online shopping not really green

    New York : Who does not love to sit at home in sweatpants and shop online? But it may not be as environment friendly option as often people think, new research suggests, reports IANS.

  • How to pick undervalued stocks

    With the market down by around 20% than what it was about a year ago, the subject of this week’s article is indeed timely.

  • Declining weight due to ageing has been linked to cognitive impairment

    New York : People having a greater weight loss during ageing are at an increased risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) which affects the memory, language, thinking and judging capacity of an individual, says a new study, reports IANS.

  • Nityanand Charandas

    Become Greater Than God

    The first aphorism of the Vedanta-sutra says “janmadyasyayatah”,which means God is the one from whom everything emanates. He is also the supreme enjoyer, proprietor and controller of everything. Human beings may exercise control over certain things for some time but no one except God can claim to control everything for all time. Still, sometimes people due to lack of awareness believe the theories saying “we are all God” or “we will, some

  • Prof who wore headscarf to leave Christian college

    Chicago : A Christian college near Chicago and a political science professor who wore a headscarf to show solidarity with Muslims have agreed to part ways, reports AP.

  • Board exams for classes 5 and 8 in Punjab again

    Chandigarh : The Punjab government has decided to re-introduce examinations for primary and middle standards to give a boost to the academic standards in government schools, a minister said on Sunday.