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  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- Arians are never afraid to go ahead not care to hoots. This is the right day to make decision to change work or to make progress in your professional life. If you have been hoping for a romantic evening this is the day to plan it.

  • Trump backs tracking, profiling radical Muslims in US

    Washington : Amid concerns over radicalisation following the California massacre, leading Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump (in pic)  has said that radical Muslims are posing a threat to the US and he backed tracking and profiling them for “real vigilance”.

  • After The Coup

    The King’s coup in Nepal continues to intrigue the Government and the organs of public opinion in this country. From the pathetically small tickle of information coming in, it is clear that there is a concerted, albeit amateurish effort being made by the King’s men to blacken the names of the members of the deposed Koirala Government. It has been reported that a large amount of money in Indian currency was found

  • Are You Living A Fully Engaged Life?

    LATELY, I’ve been thinking about what it means to deal with everyday happenings in a more conscious way. One of my favorite sayings is “Awareness is 99% of everything.” When we have awareness of what is happening around us and within us, we have the consciousness and the power to make changes as needed. It is when we remain unconscious or unaware, or even when we live with denial, that we feel

  • Why some people can’t recognise faces decoded

    Berlin : The causes of congenital face blindness – a condition in which a person is unable to use facial features to identify other people – can be traced back to an early stage in the perceptual process, scientists say, says PTI.

  • Men better navigators than women

    Washington DC : Stereotypes are usually baseless, but a recent study has verified one generalization that we encounter in our daily lives: men tend to be better navigators than women, reports ANI.

  • Salman Khan

    Salman case: Judge begins dictation of verdict

    Mumbai : The Bombay High Court on Monday began dictation of the verdict in the 2002 hit-and-run case involving Bollywood hero Salman Khan and observed that the FIR was silent on the issue of “drunkenness” of the actor, which cannot be considered as “minor.”

  • Centre went back on OROP promise: Ram Jethmalani

    New Delhi : Veteran lawyer and Rajya Sabha member Ram Jethmalani on Monday attacked the central government for allegedly going back on its promise on the ‘One Rank, One Pension’ issue, and said he would legally fight the ex-servicemen’s case if the need arose.  Jethmalani, however, added that he hoped the issue would be settled amicably and ex-servicemen would not need to take legal recourse.