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  • Being Pitch Perfect 

    Beauty is more than skin deep. Particularly in the matter of a 22 yard strip called the Cricket Pitch. Wherever in the world the game of cricket is played, the most important factor is the PITCH. Even if Bollywood star, Anushka Sharma  turns up in her full glory on the morning of a test match while players, officials and umpires are wandering all over the ground, the attention will not be on

  • Book Review: The Love Fix

    It’s never too late to reignite your passion and to restore the love between you and your partner. Stop rehashing the same issues, figure out what you’re really fighting about, and start enjoying a happier, stronger relationship today.

  • Sri Aurobindo Ghose: Great Philosopher and Yogi

    Aurobindo set on a path of spiritual learning and evolution by practicing secluded Yoga continuously for four years which he termed as “Integral Yoga”, writes MEERA S. SASHITAL.

  • Wit & Wisdom of Nani Palkhival

    The book introduces the man through his thoughts and ideas with the aim of inspiring readers, particularly the youth.

  • Some people don’t need planning

    It is indeed a total misconception that financial planning is necessary for those who have insufficient or little funds and it is an equal misconception that no planning is required whatsoever for people who have a lot of money.

  • Remedies for balancing Vdta

    “Regularity” helps to balance Vdta dosa. Vdta is so sensitive and quickly changeable that it easily falls prey to over-stimulation.

  • Jimmy Carter

    Meeting an American President

    “Do you think he is going to meet you or even notice you?” asked my soul mate Patricia, cynically, as I ironed the creases of my trousers. “Well he was the President of the USA and I owe it to him to be well turned out,” I replied. “I thought, we women are fussy about clothes and now look at you, nervous like a school boy!” she ruled. I thought, it is

  • Life in a metro

    Stressed faces, tired bodies, lack of community life, neighbourhood and cracked family ties characterise life in a metro city. While urbanisation is good for material comfort and modern way of life, it has many adverse physical and psychological effects on an individual, observes A. L. I. CHOUGULE   

  • City of Light loses glamour and glitz

    Paris :  The Eiffel Tower was closed, the Champs-Elysees was lifeless and museums, markets and schools were shuttered on Saturday as Paris reeled after the bloodiest terror attack in French history.

  • Picture-perfect paris pounded

    Paris :  At least 128 people were killed and over 200 injured as eight Islamic State terrorists, armed with automatics and wearing suicide vests, unleashed Mumbai-style mayhem in six crowded areas of Paris, shocking the world and drawing international condemnation. There was, however, no report of any Indian killed or wounded in the horrific attack.

  • Belgian link to attacks: Cops nab a suspect

    Brussels :  Belgian police raided a neighbourhood of the capital Brussels in connection with the deadly attacks in Paris, public television RTBF reported.

  • This is for Syria, shouted the attackers….

    Paris :  Terrified survivors from the Paris concert hall targeted in a series of attacks on the French capital have described fleeing over bodies to hide after gunmen began executing rock fans in a barrage of automatic gunfire.

  • Row over land to Shankaracharya continues

    Ujjain : The Simhastha Fair Authority (SFA) is in tight spot over allotment of land to the Shankaracharya Chatushpad, i.e. the pontiffs of the four seats (peeths) established by Aadi Sankaracharya, for the upcoming Simhastha Fair.

  • Juna, Panchagni and Avahan Akhada get land allotment from SFA

    Ujjain :Simhastha Fair Authority (SFA), have finally allotted the land pieces to the three major Saiva Akhadas including Shri Panchdashnam Juna Akhada, Shri Panchagni Akhada and Panchdashnam Juna Akhada.

  • 9738 mtr pipeline laid at Kaalbhairav Zone

    Ujjain : With the nearing of Simhastha Fair, different departments have quickened their preparations. PHE department has laid 9738 meter pipeline at Kaalbhairav Zone. MPEB has also erected 335 electric poles at the zone.

  • Autopsy report clears the air in mysterious death case

    Ujjain : In the mysterious death case of middle aged man autopsy report have cleared the air and confirmed that man had committed suicide by hanging self from the fan. Mohanlal resident of village Ghattia Badla under the Ghattia police circle had committed suicide by hanging self from the fan on Friday noon.

  • Merchants all set for Muharat trading

    Ujjain : Farmers will sell their soya bean yields in the auspicious Muharat at Krishi Upaj Mandi on Monday. As per the convention, Mandi committee will purchase the first lot of soya bean on the higher rates.

  • 1st Kartik procession of Mahakal on Monday

    Ujjain: The maiden procession of Lord Mahakal for the month of Kartik month will be taken out amidst full religious convention, on Monday. Lord Chandramouleshwar will be worshipped at Sabha Mandap before the procession is taken out at 4 pm. The deity will be paid guard of honour at the entrance of the temple. The procession will pass from Mahakal Road, Gudri Chauraha, Bakshi Bazaar and will reach at Ramghat where the

  • Viscera of farmer sent for test in Bhopal

    Ujjain: In the suicide case of a middle aged farmer Makdon police have sent the viscera of deceased for test in Bhopal to arrive at the exact reason of suicide on Saturday. 50-year-old farmer Maan Singh Rajput had committed suicide by jumping on the pile of burning wooden sticks due to unknown reasons at his farmland at village Rahwari on Thursday night. Only bones of deceased were left on the pyre when