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    AT every stage of life we sustain losses – and grow in the process. We begin our independent lives only when we emerge from the womb and lose its protective shelter. We enter a progression of schools; then we leave our mothers and fathers and our childhood homes. We get married and have children and then have to let them go. We confront the death of our parents and our spouses. We

  • Biden is entering 2016 president race, says US lawmaker

    Washington : A US lawmaker has said that Vice President Joe Biden will run for presidency, even as the White House remained tight lipped about it except for saying that an announcement on the decision is coming soon. “I have a very good source close to Joe (Biden) that tells me VP (Vice President) Biden will run for Prez (president),” Congressman Brendan Boyle said on Twitter, reports PTI. Responding to critics that it

  • Supreme Court

    The nexus between pockets and the noose

    Talk of death is there in the air.  There is abject apathy in registering the dead; then there are others who clamour for blood and death. And there are also those who believe that the death penalty has outlived its utility. At one end of the spectrum is the demand that terrorists be shown no mercy; at the other end are hysterical cries for the lynching of people