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  • Rameswaram offers more than temple tourism

    Chennai : Rameswaram is perhaps the only place in the country where the rail route to the temple town offers a lifelong memorable experience. As the train slowly crosses the railway bridge connecting the Indian mainland and the Pamban island in Rameswaram, one is fascinated looking at the sea below. This turns into thrill as the train enters the 1941-built cantilever railway bridge that opens upwards in the middle for ships to pass

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- Move slowly and diligently, and the results you want should manifest and be appreciated by the right people. Don’t waste extra money on shopping unwanted things.

  • Four Purusharthas Dharma – Conscientious Living

    THE third Purushartha is called Dharma. Dharma is always mentioned first whenever the scriptures talk about the four purusharthas – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. This is because of its all-round and far reaching benefits to help bring about an ideal disposition which facilitates attainment of all other purusharthas. The word Dharma has wide implications, and no English word does full justice to it; yet, in the context of our discussion we

  • save planet earth

    Saving the planet Earth

    India has pleasantly surprised the global community by setting rather ambitious emission reduction targets. Ahead of the December climate summit in Paris, the Government has committed to reduce the greenhouse gases by 30 to 35 percent by 2030 from the 2005 levels. How this is to be done has not been fully explained but there is no denying that the commitment has helped avoid recriminations between India and the West. India was

  • Dadri Lynching

    Vendors of hate exist in all societies

    To those driven by their own hatred of the Narendra Modi government, the Bisara lynching is an inevitable consequence of the growing intolerance against what has been described as India’s Pink Revolution.  (more…)