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  • Turning focus on plight of depositors

    Governor Raghuram G.Rajan’s announcement on September 29, 2015 reducing the policy repo rate from 7.25 per cent to 6.75 per cent has deservedly received praise from the government, banks, industry, financial analysts and the media. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has convincing reasons for its action, but the impact on bank depositors needs consideration.

  • Namak Mandi Digambar Jain Temple Trust polls on Oct 24

    Ujjain: Elections for Shree Namak Mandi Digambar Jain Temple Trust will be organized on October 24. Election officer Nemichand Jain announced the election schedule after the collective resignation of 17 trustees was proposed. Initial publication of voter list will be done on Monday. Stay on the election programme declared by Tehsildar Sunil Patil is still effective. Trust secretary Anil Gangwal informed that the trust board had done several programmes for the benefit

  • Senior citizens share their life experience at Jeevan Udghosh’s prog

    Ujjain : An organization dedicated to the service of elderly persons ‘Jeevan Udghosh’ organized a programme recently. Senior citizens shared their life experience recalling the precious moments of their life. Litterateurs and senior citizens of the city participated at the event.

  • Smartphone apps becoming New-Age nanny for Indian kids

    New Delhi : With technology fast becoming an integral part of people’s lives, parenting has also undergone a sea change in the last few years. In nuclear families, parenting apps are helping couples raise their offspring in a much more efficient and secure way.

  • Online affairs can be addictive

    London : Once one gets hooked on to an online affair, it’s very difficult to get off it as it almost becomes an addiction, a British study has concluded, reports IANS.

  • Anti-cancer drug sharpens memory, treats Alzheimer’s

    New York : There is good news for people with poor memory. Researchers have found that an anti-cancer drug currently being tested in animals may make it easier to learn a language, sharpen your memory and help those with Alzheimer’s disease, says IANS.

  • NASA’s dazzling Martian ‘postcard’

    Washington : While you enjoy spectacular landscapes and a lone astronaut’s fight for survival in Matt Damon-starrer “The Martian,” Mars Curiosity rover has sent a stunning “postcard” after it drilled its eighth hole on the Red Planet, reports IANS.

  • High-fructose diet hampers recovery from brain injury

    New York : A diet high in processed foods which are often sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup may impair the brains’ ability to heal after serious head injury, warn researchers, says IANS.

  • Why she looks pretty and why she doesn’t

    New York : Ever wondered why you do not find your twin or cousin’s crush attractive? That’s because the uniqueness of an individual’s face preferences is predominantly based on experiences, not genes, according to a new study, reports IANS.

  • Verbal praise for complex task could backfire at work

    London : While a bit of encouragement or a small “thank you” can motivate workers to do simple tasks, such verbal praise for a complex task could rob employees of their inner drive, new research has found, says IANS.

  • True sexual freedom is to choose from array of options: Author Rachel Hills

    New  Delhi : At a time when several stereotypes associated with sex and pornography are being broken and the millennial generation (those born after 1980) is willing to exercise their sexual freedom more than ever, celebrity millennial author Rachel Hills believes that sexual freedom means getting  rid of the idea that some ways of being sexual are more moral or enlightened  than others.

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries: – You are generous, determined independent today. Your social quotient will peak. You are standing rock solid when everyone else is flapping. There will be a happy family life.

  • Four Purusharthas Artha And Kama – Security And Pleasure

    THE first and foremost thing which everyone is seeking is security. Every person appears to be basically insecure, and that is not a comfortable feeling. Money is the most important worldly resource to provide us some security, so that’s what people want – desperately. The amount of desperation is many a times directly proportional to the extent of insecurity within. We can’t think of life without money. If we were not so

  • …Non-declarants of foreign assets to face consequences

    New Delhi : Hinting at stringent action against those who failed to disclose foreign black money under compliance window, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said they “now stand the risk” of information on them reaching the tax authorities while those who disclosed can “sleep well”.

  • Earnings season, global cues to decide course of equity markets

    Mumbai : The quarterly results season and crucial global financial data points, coupled with fears of an upcoming US rate hike, might spook investors and flare up volatility in the Indian equity markets during the weekly trade commencing from October 5, reports IANS.

  • Swiss to publish first list of dormant assets in Dec

    Zurich : Having started making public the names of Indians and other foreigners with bank accounts that are under scanner, Switzerland will now publish in December a list of accounts that have remained unclaimed for 60 years, reports PTI.

  • Several VW engineers admit to cheating: report

    Berlin : Several engineers at scandal-hit German automaker Volkswagen have admitted to installing the device in the company’s cars aimed at cheating pollution tests, a newspaper reported on Sunday.