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  • Indian scientists decode Tulsi plant genome

    Kolkata : Indian scientists have deciphered the entire genetic make-up of Tulsi, a herb widely used for therapeutic purposes. The genome map will help in making new medicines using the plant.

  • Indian Oil score maiden win; AI soar to victory

    Mumbai : Reigning champions Indian Oil rode on Roshan Minz’s fine hat-trick to steal a 5-3 win against Indian Navy in a closely contested Pool-A match of the MHAL (Mumbai Hockey Association Limited) Super Division League 2015 and played at the MHAL-Mahindra Stadium, Churchgate on Monday.

  • Sexist ‘lad’ culture against female students at British campuses

    London : If you are a female student from India and aspires to join a British university, brace yourself for the “lad culture” first. Defined as “a subset of student life that promotes one particular masculinity,” the “lad culture” – a local euphemism like ‘eve teasing’ in India for sexual harassment – has made campus life difficult for female students, especially freshers, who are reporting more and more cases of groping, sexual persecution

  • Facebook pays for ‘allowing’ underage girl to sign up

    London : Facebook agreed to pay an undisclosed amount as out of court settlement to the father of a girl who, he claims, “was exposed to online sexual predators at the age of 11”, Daily Mail reported.

  • New drug approach can curb antibiotic resistance

    Washington : A team of researchers from Virginia Institute of Technology has discovered a new group of antibiotics that may provide relief to people affected by antibiotic resistance.

  • Britain mulls ban on smartphones, iPads in classrooms

    London : With an aim to cutting down on technology use in classrooms, the British government has appointed government expert and former teacher Tom Bennett to review the impact of tablets and smartphones on school children.

  • Junk food may shrink your brain: Study

    Melbourne : The part of the brain  believed to be integral to learning, memory and mental health is smaller in people who regularly consume unhealthy foods such as sweet drinks, salty snacks and processed meats, new research has found.

  • At 95, Bihar man goes in for masters degree

    Patna : He is of an age few people reach and when there are no more goals to be achieved, but 95-year-old Raj Kumar Vaishya is still keen to fulfil his dream of acquiring a post-graduation degree and is working for it with the help of his retired son and daughter-in-law.

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries: – you will react somewhat positive today but chances of negativity in your attitude will be more while working on projects at your work place. Students will perform well today.

  • Let Go

    Let go of the uncontrollables and unchangeables in life by observing these guidelines:

  • Incremental growth

    There is a welcome uptick in the manufacturing sector. Incremental reform and incentives are clearly beginning to bear fruit. Manufacturing, which accounts for three-fourths of the Index of Industrial Production, has been recording a steady increase in recent months. In July, it grew by 4.7 percent while the number for June was 4.4 percent. Overall, year-on-year growth for the April-July period works out to 3.5 percent. The figure for the same period

  • ‘Calculated’ bursts of generosity

    As a rule, politicians have learnt to develop thick skins. They can endure taunts, abuses and even outright slander much more successfully than most people who shun public life. However, there is one exception to this rule. In democratic countries where it is obligatory to be mandated by a popular vote, politicians hate being called ‘heartless.’

  • Verbal volleys and mortar matches

    Even as the mortar matches along the international border and Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir have become a new norm, the verbal volleys between India and Pakistan have kept pace with the machine-gun firing by becoming more high-pitched and suffused with rhetorical flourishes that both amuse and anger. Every statement from one side taking a potshot at the other side is reciprocated in equal measure, and what follows is an endless cycle

  • Oz call-up Fekete for Bangladesh tour

    Sydney : Australia sprang a surprise on Monday when they called up uncapped paceman Andrew Fekete, 30, for next month’s Test tour of Bangladesh.