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  • Liver drug may slow Parkinson’s progress

    London : A drug which has already been in use for decades to treat liver disease could be an effective treatment to slow down progression of Parkinson’s disease, scientists have discovered, reports PTI.

  • LyondellBasell buys PPC firm in Aurangabad

    Mumbai : US-based petrochemicals major LyondellBasell, which was once a takeover target for Reliance Industries and has come out of bankruptcy, announced acquisition of Aurangabad-based SJS Plastiblends. The Luxembourg-based LyondellBasell, which is into plastics, chemical and refining, did not disclose the value of the deal that is expected to close later this year.

  • The dance of Kairon

    Forty-eight Punjab Communists, including an MP and a couple of MLAs have defected to the congress. Chief Minister Pratap Singh Kairon made a great song and dance of welcoming them to his fold. And the ex-communists, for their part, have made great play of denouncing their erstwhile comrades as “treacherous and unpatriotic” in their subservience to Russia and China. Possibly, the defectors are convinced that the CPI’s official line in respect of

  • Calm Mind

    WILL the fighting ever stop?