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  • Perils of manufacturing-led growth strategy

    Manufacturing sector is in decline globally. The Global Index of manufacturing output declined from 51.9 in May to 51.3 in June. An index of 50 or above indicates increase while below 50 indicates decrease. Decline of the index means that the sector is slowing down, just as the train slows down before reaching the station. The indices of new orders, employment and output prices have likewise declined in tandem. China is equally

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- You’ll be well protected and should be able to bring your most ambitious projects to a successful conclusion. You’ll be endowed with energy, determination, strength of character and perseverance.

  • China: Man kills 3-day-old grandson born with cleft lip        

    Beijing : In a horrifying incident, an elderly man in eastern China has allegedly killed his grandson by injecting him with a lethal chemical, three days after the child was born with a cleft lip. The boy, who was born on July 14, died at a hospital in Shanghai’s Chongming county on July 17 after being injected with potassium chloride, a prescription drug used with saline in transfusions which could stop


    Death brings you in touch with the reality of life. Death creates a vacuum, a void and this void is fertile ground for the spirit to manifest. All talents, inventions and creativity spring forth from the void; creation has a tendency to return to the void. All places of worship in all religions are connected with places of burial or cremation because only the awareness of death can bring dispassion and can