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  • BJP leaders fan out in country and abroad

    New Delhi : BJP leaders on Sunday took part in International Yoga Day celebrations in the country and across the world with party president Amit Shah leading the efforts by joining the observations in Patna.

  • Jazeera reporter still held in Berlin on Egypt warrant

    Berlin : Al-Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour was being held in Berlin police custody on Sunday awaiting a judge’s decision on his further detention on an international arrest warrant issued by his native Egypt, authorities said.

  • Purse seine net ban: ‘Extend it upto 50 nautical miles’

     Bhayandar : Although they have welcomed the decision to ban purse seine net fishing beyond 12 nautical miles, the fishing community which still uses traditional methods have requested the government authorities to extend restrictions upto 50 nautical miles.

  • India’s tour might be held next year: Zimbabwe

    Harare: A cloud of uncertainty prevailed over India’s forthcoming tour of Zimbabwe next month with the country’s cricket Board saying that the series could be postponed to next year if the ongoing issues continue.

  • Jain Alpa Seva Sanhssthan helps with school makeover

    State Housing Minister Prakash Mehta and Jain priest Acharya Shri Rajyashsuriswaraji, Arvind Sawant – Member of Parliament, Sanjay Shah, Vice President of Jain Alpa Seva Sanhssthan and Shri Dineshbhai of Asian Star Company inaugurated the renovated Shri Sarvajanik Balmandir School at Kalachowki.

  • Opinion

    No point seeing religion in Yoga

    Two Muslim girls teaching Yoga to BJP President Amit Shah; a Muslim girl, Maryam Asif Siddiqui, mastering Gita and winning in a Gita chanting competition; she is complimented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Two Muslim girls, Rukhsana Khatoon and Bismillah Khatoon, besides teaching Yoga to Amit Shah, demonstrating Yogasanas and pranayam as they were adept in them. Why then so much fuss by Muslim clergy? How it is a campaign to enforce

  • Bayside Banter

    A kaleidoscope of men, matters & moments that make the madness & magic of Mumbai (more…)

  • Pope pays obeisance to iconic Shroud of Turin

    Turin (Italy) : Pope Francis prayed before the mysterious Shroud of Turin, believed by Christians to be the burial cloth of Jesus but held by sceptics to be a medieval fake.

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- You will be able to solve stuck problems at work place there will be lots of discussion on new methods between you and colleagues but after that you will come to the point that the past method is only fine.

  • From ‘yogalates’ to beer yoga, America has it all

    Washington : The world is celebrating the International Day of Yoga on Sunday, but Americans have embraced it for years with a whopping 20.4 million, or nine percent of all American adults, practising it to fuel a $27 billion industry.

  • Exemption U/s 54-Sell Two Buy One, But in India Only

    The following is an email exchange between us and one of our readers. Since the subject matter is of interest to taxpayers in general, we are reproducing an edited version of the same. It is hoped that readers would find it useful in the course of their tax planning.

  • Inner Guru

    THE external form is constantly changing. Therefore it is called maya. The inner Guru is eternal and is pure consciousness, awareness, “I-Am.” Reality is the same behind you, behind God, behind the inner and the outer Guru, behind the world. It is “I-Am.”Stand up and open your eye of wisdom. Every problem or sickness has a cause as well as an effect or result. And every kind of  healing also has a