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  • Odisha wannabe medicos spread musical wings, launch albums

    Kolkata: Despite spending long hours poring over their books, sitting attentively in lecture halls and looking after patients in the wards, interns and students of a medical institute in Odisha have managed to find time to launch two music albums.

  • Lalit Modi

    Fadnavis seeks info from Maria on his meeting with Lalit Modi

    Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today said Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has been asked to provide “information” on his statement regarding his meeting with tainted ex-IPL boss Lalit Modi in London. “We have asked Rakesh Maria to give information officially to the government on what he has said in the media. Based on his information, we will decide further course of action,” he told PTI.

  • 47 Islamic nations join International Yoga Day 

    New Delhi: There are 47 Islamic nations among the 177 countries of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that officially co-sponsored with India a resolution to establish June 21 as “International Day of Yoga”.

  • Translations help regional Indian literature reach wider audience

    Shankar’s “Chowringhee” would have remained restricted to Bengalis and Manto’s work would have been imbibed only by Urdu readers if these works were not translated. In the past few years, translations in Indian literature have evolved with their own identity – reaching out to a wider audience.

  • Pool Ready Makeup!

    It is vital to get the right makeup tips in place, if you happen to get invited at pool parties or bonfires at the beach, or raring to go on a beach vacation, writes KAVITA SHYAM.

  • The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot

    The True Story of the Tyrant who created North Korea and the Young Lieutenant who stole his way to Freedom

  • Tough Tough Cabin Crew! 

    The Air India PRO ordered a fresh cup of coffee and sipped it slowly. “Yes, the national airline is criticized but very often the media jumps to conclusions without verifying the facts. I nodded. “That may be true but don’t tell me your cabin crew and cockpit crews are angels.”

  • Investing in a Volatile Market

    With the market undergoing the yo-yo syndrome, Tensing Rodrigues tells how to invest  wisely

  • Panini, the great grammarian   

    Panini was one of the most inventive and original people who helped in the development of knowledge of Sanskrit grammar, MEERA S. SASHITAL.

  • Foot Fetish

    No longer Needed

    How can you live with someone for 14 years and not even know them? When I met my wife, there were fireworks when I saw her and when we kissed. But after all this time she told me she wants a divorce, citing that we are “different people and want different things”. I don’t think we do as we just come from different backgrounds. Unfortunately, and I am

  • A cap for Parkinson’s treatment at home

    NEW DELHI: People with Parkinson’s disease may soon be able to treat their own tremors and muscle stiffness without invasive therapy or even a trip to the doctor’s office. A headband-shaped device can deliver daily, noninvasive brain stimulation at home and tamp down Parkinson’s symptoms.

  • Mahesh Bhatt

    Why Mahesh Bhatt would make a fab Godman…

    When it comes to Mahesh Bhatt, you believe the oddest rumours because the man is actually capable of anything. ANYTHING! Unabashed confessions, shocking revelations and a mind that thinks beyond social diktats, Mahesh Bhatt might admit that he has never had ‘any thought I can call my own, not one thought, not one word, not one experience…’ However, the gamut of knowledge that he possesses makes him a mind everyone aspires to

  • Vinay Pathak

    Vinay Pathak explains the term ‘Method Actor’

    You have seen him in BHEJA FRY, RAB NE BANADI JODI and BADLAPUR, now you’ll see him in an absolutely new avatar in his upcoming film, GOUR HARI DASTAAN. He plays the role of an 80 year old freedom fighter who struggles to get an authentication of his contribution to the freedom movement. He plays the lead role in the bio pic. Since he has entertained us on every possible medium, television,

  • John Abrahm a Nag!

    “I am not normal, I am a nag.” This coming from the lips of the Hindi film screen’s hunkiest bloke is a shocker. But apparently it is precisely how John Abraham sees himself, given his hysterical OCD and his need to control everything physically and sub consciously as well. Ask him what his biggest accomplishment is after being in the film business for more than a decade and he smirks, “The fact


    Ritwik of St.Joseph School Shaktinagar brings another laurel

  • Fathers celebrations at Boulevard

    Celebrate Father’s day at Boulevard- the coffee shop at the Orchid on June 21. The father gets to eat complimentary and also get a return gift.  Express your gratitude for him by treating him with a sumptuous Sunday brunch. A band will play live music at the coffee shop.  Executive chef Navid Sayyad will be laying down a special Sunday brunch which will have ample choices for vegetarians as well as non