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  • Modi Government: In service of Corporates and Hindutva

    When first-time MP Narendra Modi arrived in New Delhi to be sworn in as India’s Prime Minister, he flew in a private aircraft belonging to the Adani Group, although he could have taken a commercial flight or hired a chartered plane.  On landing, Mr Modi was greeted raucously with the slogan HarHar Modi, patterned on communal-military lines.

  • Sooraj Pancholi has got himself protected, and how!

    He is new and he needs to put his best foot forward but looks like Sooraj Pancholi is already set. Not only does he have Bhaijaan Salman Khan himself supporting his film and him, Bhai has supposedly put the best in his gang looking after baby Pancholi. No one can pass the great wall of Khandom to reach the boy, lest any bad publicity spoils what they have created.

  • Upholding of death sentence not end of road for convicts, says Supreme Court

    New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Wednesday said the right to live does not extinguish with the top court upholding the death sentence of convicts in murder cases as it quashed the execution of death warrants of Shabnam and her paramour Salim for killing seven members of the woman’s family.

  • Drug Abuse: A Psycho-Socio Medical Problem

    Recently the Prime Minister of India during his live talk through All India Radio expressed his concerns over the menace of “Drug Addiction” that is creating havoc in the lives of young Indian’s and their families. He went on to describe this menace of Drugs that brings Darkness, Destruction & Devastation. In a recently done survey by some college students in Mumbai & Delhi, it was found that the problem has multiplied

  • GDP in FY15 may have grown lower at 7.3%

    Rating agency India Ratings and Research  said the country’s GDP may have grown at 7.3% in FY 2014-15 which is slightly lower than Central Statistics Office (CSO) estimate of 7.4%.  Net exports, which is the difference between exports and imports in national income accounting, might have turned positive in the last quarter of FY15.

  • Indian TV drama new favourite among Egyptians

    Cairo : Bollywood movies and Indian television drama have recently become a daily dear guest for Egyptian audiences, who find great similarities between both the cultures.