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  • Smart maps can help save $8bn in India

    New Delhi : Pitching for greater use of internet-based mapping solutions, a study has found that smart maps can boost productivity and help improve emergency service response while saving over USD 8 billion in the country, reports PTI.

  • Australia Islamic college bans girls’ running over virginity fears

    Melbourne :  An Islamic college here has banned its girl students from participating in running competitions as its principal believes it may cause them to “lose their virginity”, prompting an investigation by an Australian regulatory body.

  • Join Twitter geography trivia from space

    Washington :  If you want to grab a copy of a NASA astronaut’s signed picture, join this trivia game fast, reports IANS.

  • White House hackers Russian speakers, say researchers

    Washington :  Hackers who penetrated the State Department and White House computer networks in recent months were “Russian speakers,” security researchers said.

  • Iran, World powers seek to finalize N-deal by June 30

    Vienna :  Iran and major powers held a second day of talks today seeking to finalise a historic deal that would make any attempt by Tehran to make a nuclear weapon extremely difficult and easily detectable.

  • Our True Possession

    UNLESS and until we become spiritually wise, we shall never know what our true possession is. Our true possession, our eternal possession, our only possession, is our love of God. There cannot be anything else here on earth or there in Heaven for us to claim as our own. Only our love of God—our constant, soulful and self-giving love of God—can be our eternal possession. This possession will always remain safe, and

  • Your Day 24th April 2015

    Aries:- There will be misunderstanding with your colleagues today try to be calm and some time things take time to settle down. Avoid junk food as minor health problems are likely today.

  • Deutsche Bank fined $2.5 bn for fixing interest rates

    New York :  German banking giant Deutsche Bank will pay $2.5 bon in fines after admitting its guilt in a multi-bank conspiracy to rig LIBOR interest rates, US and British authorities said today.

  • Palghar Fishermen fight mid-sea

    Palghar :  Around 13 Palghar fishermen were left injured in a mid-sea attack by the Uttan fishermen approximately 65 nautical miles off the Palghar coast on early Wednesday morning. The reason behind the attack is not yet clear as police officials said that few say the netting equipments of the Uttan fishermen were damaged while some say that Uttan fishermen had crossed over territories as their catch was low. The real picture