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  • ‘NGOs using Anna as mascot to stall projects’

    Bhopal : Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare is being used as a “mascot” by NGOs which receive foreign funds and stall developmental projects over the issue of land acquisition, Madhya Pradesh BJP’s monthly mouthpiece Charaiveti has said.

  • French ban on skinny models justified: study

    Wellington: France’s famous couture houses have nothing to fear from an imminent ban of very thin models from runways and fashion spreads, according to New Zealand marketing research, reports IANS.

  • Beauty & Beyond

    Noted celebrity photographer RAKESH SHRESTHA analysis the personalities behind the fascinating faces he has captured, with SURABHI RAWAT. (more…)

  • We, The Sardines

    We are glowing with pride. Indeed, we are overwhelmed. We have just been informed that by next year the population of Bombay City would be a staggering five million. Any ownership – flat – racketeer would be elated at this information. But even ordinary sardines can be, for after all the only consolation a sardine can have is that there are other sardines in the same mess.

  • Selective capitalisation may impact smaller banks’: S&P

    Mumbai:  Global ratings agency Standard & Poor’s said the government’s move to selectively capitalise state-run banks is a welcome step but may impact the growth of smaller lenders who have been left out.    “In our view, incentivising efficiency is a good long term strategy, however, in the short term, it does accentuate capital constraints for some public sector banks,” said Standard & Poor’s Senior Director Geeta Chugh in a conference call.