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  • Saidah Jules Injures Chirag Jain During Film Shoot

    Buzz is that in ‘Fun Freaked Face Booked’, actress Saidah Jules had to do a violent scene with newbie Chirag Jain. But, it wasn’t as easy as imagined for both the actors as Saidah was finding it difficult to execute.

  • Action Not Glamourised In NH10: Director

    Director Navdeep Singh says the action element in his movie “NH10” is marked by how real it is. The film stars Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam.

  • “Actresses Doing Regressive Roles Baffles Me”

    Director ASHIMA CHIBBER Tells PRATISHTHA MALHOTRA That A Woman Rescued By A Man Concept Does Not Occur To Her – And Change Is Definitely In The Air.

  • Desires Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Your desires and sankalpas- or intentions – separate you from God. Offer all your desires and all your sankalpasto the Divine. Then you are divine. You are God. You are free – lacking nothing.

  • Horoscope

    Aries:- The works of creation and of new ideas that give interesting dividends today. Singles will find their dating relationship going to the next level but avoid commitments.

  • Sunanda K Datta-Ray

    Illiberalism Spawns Jihadi John And Co

    With parliamentary election due in May, James Cameron’s government is at its wits’ end on how to control the upsurge of support for Islamic terrorism among young Britons of both sexes. True, this affects only young people whose parents or grandparents came from Muslim countries in Asia and Africa, but race is a taboo word in this politically correct society. As is always the case, in the true home of all lost


    The RBI sprang a surprise on the markets when unannounced, it pared off another twenty-five basis points from the bank rate a mere four days after the Budget. Whether it was done to adhere to the new parameters set in the Budget for the monetary policy is not known. But this much is clear. Consumer inflation is well within the two to six percentage target, which the central bank was given to

  • The Silence Within

    Difficult to believe, yet true.