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  • ‘Jurassic World’ helmer to direct ‘Intelligent Life’

    Los Angeles: ‘Jurassic World’ maker Colin Trevorrow will direct a sci-fi thriller ‘Intelligent Life’, which he has co-written with Derek Connolly. Trevorrow co-wrote the screenplay of ‘Jurassic World’ with Conolly. ‘Intelligent Life’ reteams him with Steven Spielberg, who executive produced ‘Jurassic World’ through his Amblin Entertainment banner.

  • Know all about Clooney, Alamuddin's perfect wedding

    Amal Clooney to teach at Columbia Law School

    Los Angeles: Hollywood star George Clooney’s lawyer wife Amal will deliver a lecture on human rights law at the Columbia Law School. “It is an honour to be invited as a visiting professor at Columbia Law School alongside such a distinguished faculty and talented student pool,” she said in a statement.

  • Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

    Mufti’s comments tantamount to treason: Shiv Sena

    Mumbai: The recent comments by Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed on Pakistan and hanged terrorist Afzal Guru are tantamount to “treason” and “contempt of Supreme Court”, the Shiv Sena said.

  • Riots

    Nine held for rioting after two groups clash

    Thane (Maha): Nine persons were arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and rioting in Kulgaon Badlapur area of the district following clashes between two groups, police said today. The arrests were made late last night after two groups of children clashed with each other in Vangani village during the Holi celebrations, API Dhananjay Pore of the Kulgaon Police station said.

  • mulayam singh yadav

    Mulayam down with swine flu, party says nothing to worry

    Gurgaon/Lucknow: Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav is suffering from swine flu and has been admitted to a private hospital in Gurgaon, a doctor said on Saturday. His party, however, said there is no need to worry.

  • WhatsApp

    Cyber scammers circulating fake messages on WhatsApp

    London: WhatsApp users across the world are being targeted by cyber scammers who are circulating fake messages inviting users to test the new calling feature that fills the phone with dangerous malware. According to the Daily Star, if users click on the link, they are taken to another website where they are asked to take a survey on behalf of the popular messaging service. However, the survey forces people to download applications and software that might contain

  • office

    Lifestyle intervention program at workplace helps improve employee’s health

    Washington: A new study has demonstrated that a healthy lifestyle intervention program administered at workplace can significantly reduces risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. Lead author M. Kaye Kramer, Dr.P.H., assistant professor in Pitt Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology, said that health care expenditures associated with diabetes were spiraling, causing widespread concern, particularly for employers who worry about employee health and productivity.

  • NASA’s Dawn spacecraft

    NASA’s Dawn spacecraft first to orbit dwarf planet Ceres

    Washington: NASA’s spacecraft Dawn entered the orbit of dwarf planet Ceres, become the first spacecraft to do so. The spacecraft was approximately 38,000 miles (61,000) kilometers from Ceres when it was captured by the dwarf planet’s gravity at about 4:39 a.m. PST (7:39 a.m. EST).

  • Pakistan arrests 45 Indian fishermen

    Karachi: At least 45 Indian fishermen have been arrested by Pakistani authorities for allegedly violating territorial waters in the Arabian Sea, police said today. Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (MSA) arrested the fishermen yesterday and seized their boats during routine patrolling in the Arabian Sea near the port city of Karachi. They were allegedly arrested in Pak waters inside the unmarked sea boundary.

  • Mice

    Experimental therapy reverses arthritis symptoms in mice

    Washington: Immature myeloid cells or M-MDSCs can shut down arthritis, suggests a new study. Using a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis, scientists have discovered that M-MDSCs might be an effective treatment for the disease in humans. In a report, they show that M-MDSCs are capable of inhibiting T cell proliferation, as well as B cell proliferation and antibody production. As a result, the arthritic mice experienced improvements in their symptoms.

  • dietary-supplements

    Popular dietary supplement found to provide little health benefits

    Washington: A new research has found that popular dietary supplement and antioxidant, ubiquinone which is said to protect cells against damage from free radicals is likely ineffective. The research conducted by McGill University explained that ubiquinone is usually thought to function as an antioxidant and is recommended for a variety of ills and anti-aging supplement, but is not a crucial antioxidant as consuming it is unlikely to provide any benefit. The researchers mentioned that ubiquinone also known

  • MH 370

    Missing MH370 will be found: Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia has said it is committed to find the MH370 flight which disappeared last year and the countries leading the search will return to the drawing board if they fail to trace the aircraft by May end. Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said this yesterday ahead of the first anniversary of the disappearance of the aircraft tomorrow. The aircraft disappeared on March 8 last year while it was travelling from Kuala

  • cyborg cockroaches

    Researchers develop remote-controlled cyborg cockroaches

    London: The concept of human-controlled insects looks like a script from a Hollywood movie, but researchers from Texas University have designed remote-controlled insect cyborg by fusing a live cockroach with a miniature computer wired into their nervous system. Hong Liang, research project leader at Texas A&M University, said that insects can do things a robot cannot and they could go into small places, sense the environment, and if there was movement, from a predator say, they

  • beer

    170-year-old beer taste like `soured milk and burnt rubber`

    Washington: Can a 170-year-old beer taste good? Well, we need to ask this question to scientists who recently sipped 170-year-old beer found in shipwreck. According to a new report, enough compounds from the drinks survived that the researchers were able to tell that the beers’ original flavors probably would have been quite similar to those of modern beers, CBS News reported.

  • Domestic Violence

    A Battle with Bruises

    The agility with which my maid Asha enters the high iron gates of the colony to reach two houses in quick succession — my neighbour’s and mine — goes largely unnoticed. I have seen her walk down the road with swift body movements, for ten years now. Once in the morning and then in the evening, washing utensils is a chore she does silently and rhythmically, as if her whole being is

  • India calls for making UN effective in countering terror

    United Nations: India has called for making the UN and its entities “relevant and effective” in countering terrorism while asserting that the national legal systems must be resilient enough to prosecute and penalise the menace. Underscoring the commitment of UN member states to zero tolerance of terrorism, India’s Ambassador to the UN Asoke Mukerji said terrorism is the single biggest threat to international peace, security and socio-economic development today.

  • Myanmar reopens two border gates

    Yangon: Myanmar authorities have reopened two border gates that were shut due to violent conflicts in Shan state’s Kokang region. A total of 180 internally displaced people have returned to Kokang regions’ capital of Laukkai town through border post No. 125 and Yanlonkyaing border checkpoint on Friday, state-run Myawaddy Daily said on Saturday.

  • CIA in major revamp to ensure greater accountability, improve cyber capabilities

    London: CIA director John Brennan has ordered for a major revamp of the agency aiming to impose greater accountability on managers and improve cyber capabilities. According to BBC, the director said, in a memo to staff, that the changes are driven by a wider range of threats and the impact of technological advancements.

  • Lanka PM indicates troops reduction in Tamil areas in future

    Colombo: Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has indicated reduction of army presence in Tamil areas “as time goes on”. He, however, ruled out any immediate reduction in troops unless there is improvement in the situation. Wickramasinghe did not elaborate on what improvement meant. In an interview to Tamil Thanthi TV, he also conceded that there is lots of land under the state’s control that can be released in different parts of the

  • Dimapur rape

    Lynching by Nagaland mob a grim warning

    The manner in which a rape accused was dragged out of Dimapur jail by a mob that stripped him naked and then lynched him before hanging his body is a chilling reminder that people are losing faith in the system in which even when a person is arrested for such a heinous crime, the wheels of justice move in a tortuously slow manner.