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  • sisters

    Do you have a clingy sister?

    I have a clingy sister?

    My sister and I have a 6 year gap. My problem is that she copies me for everything. From the way I do my hair or how I talk to my friends or even dress. She wants to accompany me everywhere I go and hand out with my friends. I feel very uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of my friends as I am sure

  • Are you ready for the journey?

    Life is a flow of becoming, and so the journey is the process of becoming. On this journey there is no goal, for the journey is the goal, writes Viloo H Adajania.

  • Sunil Gavaskar

    This Missed Lunch Can Be Costly

    The uppity Indian cricket stars may not take the ‘Affair of the Missed Lunch’ lightly. The MEA better make amends quickly, warns V Gangadhar.

  • Scottish Style: Hop Scotch Craze

    Tartan & Plaids always have the knack to be in fashion every winter. Sapna Sarfare brings forth all tips to wear the Scottish pattern in style.

  • HighFive – This week’s theme: Liam Neeson  

    Taken 3

    Bryan (Liam Neeson) meets his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) who still loves him so her present husband Stuart warns Bryan to stay away from her. When Lenore is found dead, Bryan is arrested on suspicion of murder. Bryan escapes and discovers that Lenore was abducted at a gas station before being murdered. Bryan suspects Stuart so Stuart abducts Bryan’s daughter Kim and tries to escape with the

  • Tribal women take charge of their PDS entitlement

    Seasonal agriculture is the mainstay of food as well as livelihood around here, so the local communities, predominantly Dalits and tribals rely heavily on their entitlements under the Public Distribution System (PDS), a government-sponsored food security net for the poor and marginalised populations, writes Dilnaz Boga.

  • Book Review: Recasting India

    This book explains why the world’s largest democracy is at the risk of falling apart – and the surprising force that’s holding it together.

  • Protect Yourself from Computer Vision Syndrome!

    Computer Vision Syndrome refers to a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use, writes Shivkumar J.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Ever since the evolution of mankind, there are three basic necessities of life, food, water and shelter. Out of these, shelter has become the most crucial one in today’s world. This is mainly because of the ever increasing population of the metro cities and also the thirst for buying more and more land than a person actually needs (read weekend homes, penthouses etc). Roughly speaking, all the developing cities like Thane, Navi

  • Open Heart!

    Women who have made their mark in various fields, tell Manasi Y Mastakar what Women’s Day means to them.

  • Kargil: The trade town

    Kargil has much more to offer than the war of attrition with Pakistan says Ratnadeep Banerji. It stood a trade node on the Silk Route.

  • When Shah Rukh Khan draped a saree

    We all know that Bollywood’s King Khan, aka Shah Rukh Khan, has always been a lady’s man. And now looks like SRK has a new way of expressing his solidarity considering that it’s the month for celebrating womanhood!

  • Why Ranbir Kapoor just had to party?

    So Ranbir Kapoor had yet another raucous party with his Bollywood buds at his sprawling Bandra terrace apartment… To drown his sorrows post the debacle that was ROY? To drown out Daddy’s interminable lecture? To drown his loneliness as the ladylove was out of town? All of the above and then some, if you ask me!

  • Sophie’s traffic tryst

    We came to know that after landing in Mumbai VJ, dancer, singer and actress Sophie was to host a special segment for her dearest friend Manish Malhotra at CPAA. But the traffic was so bad that after being stuck in the car for 90 minutes, Sophie was about to miss the show.

  • Amit Shah

    Shah discusses J&K, other issues with RSS leaders

    New Delhi/Nagpur: Ahead of RSS’ three day All-India Pratinidhi Sabha meeting next week, BJP president Amit Shah met with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and is learnt to have discussed important political events like BJP’s alliance with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir and controversial remarks made by the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed after that.

  • Yasin Malik

    India, Pak must show intention to resolve Kashmir issue: Yasin Malik

    Srinagar: Separatist JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik held a rally in the PDP bastion of Anantnag in south Kashmir, saying dialogue between India and Pakistan will not resolve the Kashmir issue unless the two countries have an intention to do so. “When there is no intention to resolve Kashmir issue, what are dialogue and negotiations meant for?” he said addressing the rally in Anantnag town, 52 kms from here, yesterday.

  • Arun Jaitley

    Confusion on RBI Act changes to be cleared in House: Jaitley

    Mumbai: Amid apprehensions that a Finance Bill provision may lead to RBI losing regulatory powers for money market securities, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today said any ambiguity in this regard will be duly discussed in Parliament. Jaitley, who was here today to meet foreign portfolio investors at the NSE, said, “I don’t want to talk about that (provision) outside (Parliament). If there is any ambiguity about the Finance Bill, we will discuss that