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  • Want A Perfect Cup Of Tea? Add Milk First

    Wellington : Milk should indeed be added first to make that perfect cup of tea, says ANI. The British Standards Institution have reached to this conclusion after reviewing the specifications last year, and have now released official guidelines for making the perfect cuppa, reported.

  • Focusing On Success Can Make You Selfish

    London : People who are always on the lookout for what kind of behaviour pays off best – those who are “success-oriented” – are likely to co-operate less in groups than others, says a study, reports IANS.

  • Serco enter semi-finals

    Mumbai : Riding on fine half centuries by Vikrant Auti (65* off 53) and Jiniv Joshi (61 off 32) and their 72 run partnership for the second wicket, Serco secured an easy eight wicket win over Accountant General, Mumbai to enter the semi finals of the RCF Corporate T – 20 tournament organized by RCF at the RCF sports complex.

  • Satyam And Anandam Are One

    THE self of mine that limits my truth within myself confines me to a narrow idea of my own personality. When through some great experience I transcend this boundary I find joy.

  • Horoscope

    Aries:- Arians may get very exciting news about career promotion and development. Family life and marital relation will be very satisfactory for most of them. Keep a tight watch on your spending.

  • Sincerely, Sirisena Comes A-Courting

    It is heartening that Indo-Sri Lankan relations are seemingly taking a turn for the better after President Maithripala Sirisena replaced Mahinda Rajapaksa as Lankan President. It may be too early to say this but the initial signs are encouraging.Rajapaksa had gone too far out to ingratiate himself to China even as he showed a perceptible coolness towards New Delhi. At times, it was even felt that he was rubbing it in that

  • Better Jaw-Jaw Than Bang-Bang

    After the abrupt cancellation of the foreign secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan, scheduled in August 2014, there was some criticism of New Delhi, even though Pakistan’s brazen violations of the ceasefire along both the Line of Control and the international border with Jammu and Kashmir were continuing. And earlier this week, there was applause when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the new foreign secretary, S Jaishankar, would be going to

  • Modi Ticks Off Scaremongers

    It was never in doubt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted communal harmony and peace so that he could get on with the urgent business of governance, of nation-building. But the loony elements in the larger Sangh Parivar mistook the extraordinary mandate of May 2014 as a licence to rant against real or imagined enemies allegedly lurking among religious minorities. On the ground, while things remain more or less peaceful as before,