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  • Pope tells clergy: ‘never try to cover up child abuse’

    Vatican City : Pope Francis has sent Catholic clergy a powerful reminder of their duty to stamp out sexual abuse of children by priests, warning that they must never let a fear of scandal lead to cover-ups.      In a strongly-worded letter to the heads of national bishops’ conferences and religious orders, the pope demanded “close and complete” cooperation with a new child protection watchdog he has established at the Vatican.

  • Eyes Wide Open, Delhi Goes To Vote

    Delhi is a lively city these days, with campaigning for the Assembly elections at its peak, and polling just a day away. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rushed through the week with four rallies, insisting that the polls giving an edge to the Aam Aadmi Party were just a pack of ‘lies’.

  • From the Editor's desk

    Welcome Dismissal

    The dismissal of Union Home Secretary, Anil Goswami, should serve as a warning to all bureaucrats to toe the straight and narrow path of rectitude and propriety. It is also a reaffirmation of the Modi Government’s resolve to restore the rule of law at the highest level, as also a reiteration that it would not brook any breach of the proper norms and rules of governance. Contrary to the set-piece criticism from

  • The Eternal Break-Up

    It is not just the nuclear age we have the privilege of living in. It is also the Great Age of the Break-up. (S.O.S. to the grammarian: What is the plural of break-up? Break-ups, breaks-up, break-uppings?) Till now a break-up worth of the busy sub-editor’s notice was confined to Hollywood marriages. But modern politics has changed all that. According to the headlines that have been screaming across the Front Page for some