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  • Playing Video Games Linked To School Failure

    London: Children Who Spend Too Much On The Internet, Mobiles And Video Games Are Likely To Perform Poorly In Schools, New Research Has Found, Reports IANS. “We Have Observed A Linear Increase In School Failure In Relation To An Increase In The Hours Spent On The Computer And Less Control By Parents,” Said The Researchers From Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona (UAB) In Spain. School Failure Reaches 16 Percent Among Students Who Use The Computer

  • Gandhi’s Song: New Docu On Centuries-Old Bhajan

    Chicago : A nearly six-centuries-old song written by Gujarat’s most revered poet-philosopher Narsinh Mehta and made by Mahatma Gandhi as his life’s guiding force is now a subject of an upcoming documentary.

  • Getting Past Sadness

    IN Meditation Recently, I’ve Discovered A Bottomless Well Of Sadness.

  • Horoscope

    Aries:- In business and politics you will able to clear up previous misunderstandings and can built some new good relations which will be beneficial to you in future. Travelling is likely today.

  • Modi Embraces Obama, Buries NAM

     Over three days, this Republic Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi deftly accomplished the burial of India’s non-aligned foreign policy. It was a key element of the Nehruvian era. His frequent embraces and hugs for US president Barack Obama, coupled with his endearing unilateral first name based personal chemistry with him, conferred on India the status of a junior natural partner of Uncle Sam. The rewards too were prompt: A swift lesson on

  • Elephant Trumps The Dragon?

    The prospects of India’s economic growth overtaking China’s in 2016-17 has occasioned much comment, if not a sense of triumphalism. If this scenario indeed comes to pass, India will become the fastest growing economy in the world. This change in growth leadership reflects either the rapid slowing down of the dragon’s expansion or an acceleration of the lordly elephant’s pace. The expectation nevertheless is that China and India will keep growing and

  • Smart app Career in App development

    With new inventions, come new career options. App development is fast becoming an interesting and satisfying one, says Reena Jhaveri

  • Merit Over Seniority

    An avoidable controversy was created last week when Sujatha Singh was replaced as Foreign Secretary by S Jaishankar. Singh’s term as FS was curtailed by a few months so that Jaishankar could take over as the head of the Indian Foreign Service. By all accounts, Jaishankar was the most deserving candidate, regardless of the fact that he was currently the seniormost cadre officer as well. But, if the truth be told, Singh