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  • Hike Adds Voice Calling Feature To Android App

    Washington: India-based messaging app Hike has added a free voice-calling feature to its Android app, reports ANI. The move comes just three weeks after the company acquired Zip Phone.

  • Two attacked with knife, one serious

    Indore : Two motorcycle borne miscreants attacked two youths with sharp edged weapons and seriously injured them. The incident occurred in Sudma Nagar slums when the victims went to meet someone there. The police said that the attack was a result of an argument with the accused and they are investigating the incident.

  • Treating Women As Mere Body Parts Harm Them The Most

    New York : A new study of same and mixed-gender gaze patterns has found that women are viewed more frequently and for longer periods of time – even when their photos were blended in groups of both genders, reports IANS.

  • beer_cans

    Beer Compound Can Save Brain Cells From Damage

    New York : Love wine for its bouquet of health benefits? Try some beer too. According to researchers, a beer compound can protect brain cells from damage, reports IANS.

  • Word Sounds Can Help Treat Reading Disorders: Study

    Washington : In a finding that may help improve treatment and diagnosis of common reading disorders like dyslexia, a study suggests that phonics should not be overlooked in favour of a whole-language technique that focuses on visually memorising word patterns, reports INAS.

  • Horoscope

    Aries: You may want to take the time to set benchmarks for certain career and personal initiatives. Social engagement will be keeping you busy today.

  • Individual And Universal

    (Steps To Process And Release Emotional Toxins 11&12)

  • Obama’s Speech Gives Cause For Pause

      In his last speech at Siri Fort, President Barack Obama pleased his Indian audience by bringing in Hindi cinema, Vivekananda and generally sounding upbeat about Indo-US relations. This is what the audience, which included many businessmen, wanted to hear. But he also handed out what has been termed a ‘rebuke’, by talking about the need for religious freedom as a cornerstone of a democratic and diverse nation.

  • N-Deal: Why The Freeze On Details?

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi perhaps knows better than most how high decibels, pomp and show, can cloud judgement and create perceptions that are not necessarily based on the full truth as it exists. All the stops were pulled out for the high-voltage visit of US President Barack Obama to India, with the nation’s two-day roller coaster ride ending at the Siri Fort auditorium on a more sober—and perhaps as many in the

  • Bold And Correct

    The decision not to challenge the Bombay High Court ruling in the Vodafone case is both bold and correct. Bold, because partisan critics could still accuse the government of a sell-out to foreign companies; correct, because it would reassure foreign investors keen to do business here that there is transparency and predictability in our tax regime. Under the UPA, erratic and whimsical taxation decisions marred the investment climate. No one did more

  • Gone Is The Drone

    A few days hence, without much ado or ceremony, the last tram-car will roll off the ancient and respectable Girgaum Road. The Bombay tram car is a model in decorum, unlike its Calcutta cousin.  It can never be accused of “diversionist” tactics, and its popularity among a public that looks down on buses is phenomenal.