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  • Bacteria That Give Beer Bubbles May Fight Diseases

    Washington : Bacteria that help us digest the yeast that give beer and bread their bubbles could support the development of new treatments to help people fight off infections and autoimmune diseases, researchers say, according to PTI.

  • The social worth – Career in Social Media Marketing

    Ever thought about how an ad pops up when you play the latest game on you android phone? Or on Facebook? It is the new wave of social media marketing, which offer a new age career option, finds Reena Jhaveri

  • Kids Who Sleep Well Do Better In Maths

    Toronto : Parents, take note! Schoolchildren who get a good night’s sleep perform better in math and languages, a new study has found, reports PTI.

  • 80% Percent People Own Smartphone Worldwide

    New York : Nearly 80 percent of people worldwide now own a smartphone while almost 50 percent have a tablet, a report from market research firm GlobalWebIndex says, reports IANS.

  • How Your Online Avatar Could Help You Make Friends

    Toronto : Online avatars with  open eyes, a smile or grin, an oval face, brown hair and/or a sweater were more likely to elicit friendship intentions, researchers from Canada’s York University say, reports IANS.

  • Me-Time Boosts Produqsctivity At Work

    London : High quality me-time not only improves your psychological well-being it can also make you a more engaged employee, scientists have found, reports PTI.

  • Philophonetics-Counselling Ii

    Philophonetics-Counselling is a method of Exploration, Expression and Transformation of inner experiences which combines counselling, artistic expression, bodywork Self-observations. Through a relaxed, warm and non-threatening skilled conversation the broad picture of your situation is being unravelled, laid out in front of you, non-judgementally observed, included and listened to.

  • Horoscope

    Aries:- you are on the way towards finding success in your profession and you will be finding it today. Romantic relationship which got little disturbed in the past will be on track. This is the right time to discuss on issues to court cases.

  • Getting Killed For A Joke Is No Fun

    One can be sure that most of the millions who are now grieving about the deadly terrorist attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo had not even heard about the existence of such a publication. Established in 1970, it had ceased publication in 1981, and was re-launched in 1992. It had a modest circulation of 45,000 copies and came out with occasional special issues. But after ten of their staffers, including

  • Sliver Of Hope For Public Sector Banks

     The Pune Conclave of Banks is a watershed in that it points to a paradigm shift for Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and there is a sliver of hope that there could be a vastly improved PSBs system without  giving up the fundamental tenets for which these banks were nationalised.

  • From the Editor's desk

    BJP, AAP In Ding-Dong Battle In Delhi

    Now that the euphoria over Narendra Modi has seemingly died down, the battle for control of the Assembly in Delhi is raging thick and fast. If the recent rally held on the capital’s Ramlila Grounds was anything to go by, the mass hysteria that characterized the response to Prime Minister Modi’s oratory is no longer as pronounced as it was earlier. The crowds were big, but not half as big as they

  • Arsonists target German newspaper

    Berlin: A German newspaper was on Sunday targeted in an arson attack for reprinting controversial cartoons from French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo and two people were arrested for involvement in the assault.

  • Ministerial Yoga

    According to a news report, Shri Nehru and his cabinet colleagues have received forty days’ Yogic instructions from a Swami. It is not precisely known whether these instructions were sent to the central ministers at their own request or out of a realisation that though they themselves were unaware of it they were in great need of yoga. It is also not disclosed what kind of yoga the ministers were expected to