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  • The Kerry Triumph

    It was natural that the name of the US Secretary of State who was recently in India contributed a lot to the diplomatic success of his trip says V GANGADHAR. (more…)

  • Thai surrogate case linked to human trafficking?

    Bangkok : Thai authorities have said a probe into the case of a 24-year-old Japanese man, who allegedly fathered nine surrogate children, could turn out to be a human trafficking investigation, reports PTI.

  • The unsung heroes

    JAYANT  TRIMBAKKAR has  not forgotten the unsung  heroes of vintage Hindi film music  and tracks them via a documentary  called ‘The Human Factor’. (more…)

  • Jashn-E-Kebab

    The kebab fest at Kangan is a melange of global preparations and traditional tastes, says GITA HARI. (more…)

  • Alia Bhatt’s brand on a high

    Alia Bhatt might be getting super popular for all the wrong reasons but clearly her brand value is only on a high. All the many jokes about her IQ have only left her laughing, because it has merely added to her popularity and done no damage at all.

  • Feeling inferior

    Impulsive son

    My son is 17 years old. We pushed him into doing engineering only to find out that he is not interested in it. He has been bunking all his lectures, not submitting his assignments and getting into bad company. He has always been a very impulsive person who is distracted all the time and has extreme mood swings. He has had the tendency to get into trouble even in

  • App it Up!


  • Exit Point Anil Goel

    Frog Books
    Pages: 498; Price: Rs 345

  • KAS PLATEAU Hues of Monsoon

    Kas Plateau in the Western Ghats blooms only for a brief period during the monsoons. Jitaditya Narzary tells us now is the time to travel there and soak in the greenery and admire the blooming flowers. (more…)

  • De–stress with Yoga

    Stress and anxiety are the two most common complaints that most individuals suffer from these days. This in turn reflects poorly on one’s mental and physical health and outlook towards life. An imbalanced state of mind can play havoc with one’s general state of affairs. We have observed that nearly 80 % of all our diseases are psychosomatic – related to the mind. A certain level of stress is no doubt good because