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  • 110 killed in Nigeria blasts

    Lagos : The toll from the twin bomb attacks in Nigeria’s Kaduna State on Wednesday has risen to 110, with more injured victims being rushed to hospital for treatment, a humanitarian aid official said on Thursday, according to IANS.

  • Priyanka Chopra sings in MARY KOM

    Everybody knows that actress Priyanka Chopra sings pretty well, courtesy her solo international release. In fact, she is one of the young actresses whose footsteps into singing are now being followed by the likes of Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. And now, the buzz is that the actress-singer has sung a lullaby in her forthcoming film ‘Mary Kom’, a biopic on the five-time World Champion boxer.

  • Rajan hints at tighter regulation of NBFCs

    COLOMBO: The Reserve Bank of India will increasingly focus on removing regulatory arbitrage between banks and non-bank finance companies as the latter have been “relatively lightly regulated” so far, Governor Raghuram Rajan said. “Over time, we will have to ensure there is no regulatory arbitrage between the sectors,” Rajan said. “We will have to spend more time supervising the NBFC sector which has gone relatively lightly regulated. That is something we will


    REGULARITY and punctuality go hand in hand. No one can reasonably expect success in life without these qualifications. See how regular nature is. Mark how the seasons rotate regularly. Mark how the sun rises and sets, how the monsoon appears, how the flowers blossom, how the fruit and vegetables grow, how the revolution of the moon and the Earth takes place, how the days and nights, weeks and months and years roll

  • Needed: More safety features in cars

    New Delhi : Preventing cars from turning into coffins need enhances safety features like alarms or IT based devices that warn about lethal levels of toxic gases like carbon monoxide (CO) and sparking in the engines that could reduce the vehicle into ash within minutes, auto industry experts said.

  • Music & Dance

    The Magic of Motown

  • Wrong deadline for depositing fees confuses students

    SEONI MALVA : The students awaiting admission in the government Kusum College might end up in trouble as the college management by mistake displayed wrong last date of paying admission fees on the notice board due to which many student could not pay admission fees on time. The last date for paying admission fees was July 23 and for students of waiting list it was July 24 but the management did not