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  • gaza bombing

    UN chief warns of risk of ‘all-out escalation’ in Israel, Gaza

    United Nations: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned of the “risk of an all-out escalation in Israel and Gaza,” urging Israelis and Palestinians to find common ground for a return to calm and a cease-fire understanding.

  • HIV virus rebound in ‘Mississippi Baby’ dashes hope

    Washington: In a major blow to the scientific community, the HIV virus that was once vanquished in the ‘Mississippi baby’ by administering aggressive anti-retroviral therapy before she was barely 30 hours old has rebounded.


    The expectations from the second semi- final between Argentina- Netherlands match was at its peak after the German goal riot over hosts Brazil, the previous night. But that was not meant to be as both the teams played a cautious game trying to counter the opponent in a more defensive way than by attacking one.

  • Looking Ahead with Some Hope

    Mumbai has always been a throbbing, fast-moving city, but it now faces some formidable challenges. A creaky infrastructure, unaffordable housing, a never ending commute. Some changes have taken places this year and these will make citizens’ lives easier, but they are not enough. The new government needs to take do some fresh thinking if it wants to retain Mumbai’s pre-eminent status, writes SIDHARTH BHATIA.

  • A Cultural Shift

    The city has changed from being a vibrant, culturally aware metropolis to one that is getting self-absorbed. Can this change hold in the long run, asks KUMAR KETKAR.

  • An Orchestra that Needs a Conductor

    So much is changing in the city but it’s all unwieldy and uncoordinated — a single body and boss is a must to ensure planned development, says Shishir Joshi.

  • Mumbai is Not Dying

    This vast metropolis has problems and opportunities but any attempt to manage it must take into account its vast complexities and its ever changing nature, writes AJIT RANADE.

  • More Than Just Bhelpuri

    Whether you have Rs 10 in your pocket or Rs 1,000, the city has many dining choices. And many more exciting options are on the way, writes Pooja Vir.

  • Mumbai’s Night Out

    Leisure and lifestyle are a crucial part of the metropolitan experience. The authorities could take some easy steps to improve Mumbai’s entertainment scene. RANJONA BANERJI shows how.

  • A Home of Their Own

    Mumbai’s housing woes are well-known, with prices that are stratospheric. Millions are without a decent home and yet thousands of flats are lying vacant. Policy makers and politicians must take radical steps to improve this situation, says VIVEK KAUL.

  • In Bollywood Big is Beautiful

    The indie film and heroine-oriented movies are heartwarming trends in Hindi cinema of today, but the big boys with their marketing muscle still rule the roost, says Deepa Gahlot.

  • Sensex

    Money Talks

    Even though Mumbai hasn’t lived up to its full potential as the country’s financial capital, impending competition in India and abroad could provide the spur for change, writes Indrajit Gupta.

  • The Fisherwoman With The Cameraphone

    Wifi and broadband are now part of our daily lives and already Mumbai’s small businessmen are using them to connect with customers. Governments must give this a boost in the future, says Pradyuman Maheshwari.

  • Missing The Line And Length

    Bombay’s one time hunger for excellence in cricket is not found in the Mumbai of today. There are a few promising players on the horizon, but to achieve success in the future, a change in attitude may be necessary, says Ayaz Memon.

  • Arun Jaitley

    Sorry, for the interruption

    NEW DELHI : Finance Minister Arun Jaitley felt unwell in the middle of his maiden budget presentation and sought a “5-minute break.” The unprecedented request was acceded to and some BJP members ambled down to inquire about his health.

  • 3 I-T CUSHIONS OF RS 50,000 EACH

    New Delhi :  Without tampering with the income-tax rates, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday doled out three concessions of Rs 50,000 each to give relief to the tax payers.

  • A Budget with Seminal Ideas

    The Regular Budget for 2014-15 contains some seminal ideas. It accepts the challenge set out in the Interim Budget to keep the fiscal deficit to 4.1 per cent of the GDP.

  • Sensex

    Sensex swings

    Mumbai :  The Dalal Street witnessed a virtual see-saw on Thursday before closing lower for the third consecutive day. In the process, the Sensex moved like a yo-yo in an 800-point band, eventually ending just 72 points lower at 25,372. The Nifty fell 17 points to close at 7,568.