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  • There is a country behind our dream: Higuain

    Belo Horizonte (Brazil): Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain said that the whole Argentine population is backing their team for the World Cup dream, hoping that the players can bring joy to the people. “World Cup is played every four years. There is a country behind this dream and hopefully we can give joy to our people and this would be the Cup,” Higuain said, reports EFE. Nicknamed El Pipita, he said that he

  • Latin American teams superior so far: Benitez

    Valencia (Spain): Napoli manager Rafael Benitez said that the FIFA World Cup so far has been remarkable, showcasing the superiority of South American teams over European big names like Spain, Italy, England, Croatia, Portugal and Russia.

  • Uruguayan prez calls Suarez ban an ‘eternal shame’

    Montevideo: Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica said that the ban against Luis Suarez for biting an opponent would become an “eternal shame” on football’s history. Mujica strongly condemned the way FIFA, carried out the sanction after Suarez bit the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. “We think this will be remembered, this will remain among the worst moments in the history of football. This will be an eternal shame in the story of

  • Post-menopausal woman at risk of developing heart diseases

    A staggering 43 million Indian women are affected by heart disease, with one in every three women dying of the condition as against one in 31 from breast cancer and experts say that it is post-menopausal women who are at a greater risk. Tapan Ghose, director and head of department of cardiac sciences at Paras Hospitals, said that in 2012, 56 percent of women identified heart disease as the leading cause of death

  • Gaining education, 35 women plan to uplift their communities

    How do you help your backward community living in remote, virtually inaccessible villages to progress if most of them are uneducated? Simple, finish your own studies, train as teachers and then use your knowledge to spread the cause in your home – as these nearly three dozen women are doing.