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  • Insistent son

    Wayward son

    I live in a joint family of 15 people. And I have a 4 year old son. I am finding it terribly hard to discipline him. Anything I say or do is immediately counteracted sometimes my in-laws or other members of the family. Sometimes I don’t feel I am the mother as I have no say in what is right and wrong for him. And my son has learned

  • Will. I. Am’s ‘Birthday’ inspired by Rahman’s ‘Urvashi…’

    Bollywood is generally accused of getting ‘inspired’ by the west. But buzz is that American singer-songwriter is now inspired by Oscar winning Indian composer A.R. Rahman’s 1994 hit song “Urvashi…’ so much that his song ‘Birthday…’ is based on it. And the ‘Mozart of Madras’ Rahman is all excited about the creative partnership! Talking about the development, Rahman posted on Wednesday on his Facebook page saying, “Excited to creatively partner with