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  • Unaccounted cash worth crores seized

    Rajahmundry (AP): Election officials have so far seized unaccounted cash worth Rs 5.39 crore and two-kg silver in East Godavari district since the model code came into force for May 7 poll in Seemandhra region. “Since the (model) code came into force, unaccounted cash worth Rs 5.39 crore and 2 kg silver were seized in the district during raids conducted by various squads,” district collector cum election officer Neetu Prasad

  • Iran’s fencing champion abducted

    Tehran: Iran’s fencing champion Hamed Sedaqati has been abducted in the southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan province.  Sedaqati and two of his friends were driving on Khash-Iranshahr road to the provincial capital city of Zahedan Friday when they came under attack by unknown assailants, according to IANS.

  • Sacred symbols

    Every symbol yields a wealth of understanding, suggesting a vast evolutionary scheme embracing the entire Cosmos, leading us to contemplate the deepest mysteries of existence, writes RUBY LILAOWALA. (more…)

  • Clear & Present Danger

    The marine exporting industry in India is a thriving one. In 2011-12, the value of the exported products touched an unprecedented US$3.5 billion. This is an increase of over 300% since the turn of the century. This growth is recorded despite the political scenario in one of the major export markets from India (the Middle East) and the financial crisis happening in several of India’s largest customers (the EU and the USA).

  • Future Point Nilikash P. Pradhan 4- 10 May 2014

    Aries : A spirit of compromise will help you make gradual progress towards reaching a consensus on difficult issues at home and at work this week. New business proposals need to be carefully studies before you can make any commitments.

  • Election Fun Facts

    l During the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections, in 119-Santhemarahalli Assembly, Karnataka, the winning margin was only one vote.

  • Disability cannot deter Halima’s children

    Every mother wants to see her children grow up to become happy, successful individuals. Srinagar-based Halima Begum, 50, is no exception. Yet, as she fervently hopes to see her four offspring – three of whom are disabled – well-educated and settled, a small part of her wishes to relive their childhood. She admits to imagining herself playing with her two hearing and speech impaired sons and daughter; she still yearns to hear the sound

  • Racist colleagues

    Diminishing desires

    I am 50 years old. I have had an amazing relation with my wife all these years. But recently I have realized that my sexual urge has gone down. I don’t feel like having sex as much as I did before. My wife keeps asking what’s wrong and then blames herself that may be she has not maintained herself that’s why I have lost interest or she

  • Cost cutting!

    With economics of Hindi movie acquisition having gone through the roof and big producers playing aggregation game, channels have turned to dubbed south Indian and  foreign films to fill air time,
    finds out  A L CHOUGULE. (more…)

  • Feeling a little nervous this time: India’s first voter Negi

    Kalpa (Kinnaur) : India’s first voter Shyam Sharan Negi is a little nervous of the media glare when he goes out to vote one more time on May 7 with the Himachal Pradesh poll panel planning to honour him that day.

  • App it Up!


  • This industry is fickle: Richa

    Insecurities flourish and struggle is eternal yet it’s here that she also finds happiness, Richa Chadda tells SHUBARNA MUKERJI SHU. (more…)

  • Seafood & more

    Tradition-bound and oriental preparations at Pebbles restaurant woo guests to come back for more, writes GITA HARI (more…)