Free Press Journal
  • Gambling den busted, 8 held

    Bhayandar : In a major crackdown, sleuths from the Local Crime Branch (LCB) unit busted a gambling den, operating under the guise of a social club in Vasai.

  • Gastronomic journey to Gujarat

    Thalis filled with a variety of subzis and farsans is undoubtedly an irresistible way to begin the season of plenty, writes GITA HARI. (more…)

  • Oh Jeejus!

    Media ko bulao. Media ko bulao. Years ago, Rakhi Sawant screamed to everyone post the Mika Singh kiss. She went to town to kiss and tell and curse Mika who did not know what hit him. The Sardarji underestimated the militant Marathi mulgi and for a while he and Rakhi were the joke of the entertainment industry. Since then, Rakhi

  • Shah Rukh in a Samarkand Market

    Being a major stopover on the legendary Silk Route, it was also the confluence for every religious and cultural concept that wafted through Asia to Europe, writes  SUDHAMAHI REGUNATHAN. (more…)

  • In the Lens of an Exam: A Dialogue

    This is a dialogue between a father and son, when the son is constantly bemoaning his state during examination time, and how his father enlightens him to the various challenges that life places in front of each one of us…the real life exams and how we must rise to face each of these tests.

  • Thai ‘Red Shirts’ rally to support beleaguered PM

    Bangkok : Thousands of Thai pro-government ‘Red Shirts’ gathered here on Saturday for a massive three-day rally in a show of support for embattled premier Yingluck Shinawatra, raising fears of possible clashes as the opposition continued its months-long campaign to topple her regime, according to PTI. About 1,00,000 pro-government activists are expected to mass on the edge of Bangkok. Earlier, ‘Red Shirts’ had said 5,00,000 supporters would enter the city.

  • Future Point 6 to 12 April 2014

    Aries : The target will be to have the necessary ready cash for improving the quality of family life by renovation or addition of your house. There will be a fair amount of investing, planning buying, adding as it is security you crave and desire.