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  • Amarinder backed those behind Bluestar: Jaitley

    Amritsar :  Bharatiya Janata Party’s  Amritsar Lok Sabha candidate Arun Jaitley, on Wednesday accused his rival Congress candidate and former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh of being associated with those who engineered Operation Bluestar.

  • Copenhagen Zoo kills four healthy lions

    Copenhagen : Four healthy lions at the Copenhagen Zoo were euthanised by injection to make room for a new generation, the media reported on Tuesday, says IANS.

  • your day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- While trading in stock market you might be in a tense situation today, don’t get panic and try to maintain your mind calm and stable. Bad news followed by good news is likely today.

  • Letters to the editor

    Whose rights were violated here?
    I am shocked and stunned at the symapthy human rights activists have for rapists (March 26), who have not only committed gang rapes repeatedly in a particular area, but also recorded it on their cell phones , possibly to make money out of selling the video clips! As a student,I always thought human rights activist worked for those who have been denied their human rights. But here the

  • Manpreet Badal to take on his bhabhi on Congress ticket

    NEW DELHI :  Punjab People’s Party chief Manpreet Singh Badal won’t merge into Congress the party, he floated after expulsion from the Akali Dal, but he is most likely to take on sitting MP Harsimrat Kaur, wife of his cousin and deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, in Bathinda on

  • Soul Searching

    We all live until we keep on breathing, that is why the phrase/idiom ‘till the last breath’ is used very often by us in our day to day life. However we tend to forget a very important fact that the body remains alive so long as the soul resides in it. The presence of soul automatically sustains the functioning of the body so much so that the breathing process continues even while the man

  • Corporate Briefs

    TARC to look into amalgamation of direct & indirect tax dept