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  • AAP to hook Goa voters with cheap fish

    Panaji : There is nothing fishy about this – just building on past gains. If the promise of ‘bijli’ (electricity) and ‘paani’ (water) netted admirers galore for the AAP in Delhi, the party may use cheap fish in Goa as a lure to hook in voters.

  • Mentally disturbed housewife hangs herself to death

    Thane:  A mentally disturbed middle-aged housewife ended her life by hanging herself from the ceiling of her house, the Thane Nagar police said on Wednesday.  Police sub-inspector R C Dhanwat of the Nagar police station told PTI that the victim Pompa Uttam Jana (29), a resident of Mahagiri was being treated by a psychiatrist.

  • New method boon for kidney stone treatment

    New York : The expanding waistlines of the citizens, increasing stress and humid conditions may have given rise, at least in part, to rising incidence of kidney stones in the world, but a way to ease the treatment of the disease has eluded the scientists for some time, reports IANS.

  • 1962: So, what has changed?

    Do they ever learn? Within minutes of the top secret Henderson Brooks report into the 1962 Chinese debacle being put on a website, the government moved fast to block access. That was foolish. For, neither can the government block access to Neville Maxwell’s website outside the country, nor could it have ensured that in the brief while it was there on the web, some Indian had not already downloaded it.

  • A fourth of Indian business graduates land jobs in US

    Washington : About one in four business school graduates in India find jobs in America, second only to China, which sends 38 percent of its alumni to the US, according to a new survey, reports IANS.

  • Hour after father expires, girl appears for HSC exams

    Aurangabad : In a heartrending revelation, it was found that an 18-year-old girl took her examination of psychology just an hour after her father died of a massive heart attack on Tuesday. Producing an exceptional example of determination, the girl attempted all questions despite rolling out tears throughout the period of three-hours.

  • Make Way For The New World

    Today each one of us is seeking peace, aren’t we? The prime reason for this is our dilemma & difficulty to survive in a world that offers little rest and where peace comes in rare interludes. Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves.

  • SRK: large-hearted, indeed!

    Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most generous producers we have in Bollywood. Nobody who has ever worked with him has had any complaints, whether he is producing a film or acting in it. Rohit Shetty who worked with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Chennai Express’, had been all praises for him and both of them together broke all

  • your day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- Your mind however will remain distant, unable to connect with people and could make you doubt yourself, at times, even though your work would progress well.