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  • Globe Trotting

    A 9,000-year-old magic wand! 

  • Scrabble lets you choose new word for official dictionary

    Washington : Scrabble players, who are always arguing about whether the words they put down are in the dictionary or not, can now nominate a new word to be added to the official Scrabble dictionary, reports ANI.

  • Corporate Briefs

    Sebi panel suggests revision of fees for market entities

  • Rahul live on Google Hangout for partymen

    Ahmedabad : Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi plans to interact with party workers ahead of Lok Sabha elections to bridge the gap between them and party leaders. Rahul would connect with Congress party workers across India through a Google Hangout live video chat session between 11 am and 12 pm on March 15, an official statement said.

  • Nargis’ Holi fashion tips: Quirky hairdo, comfy clothes

    Are you worried about what to wear and how to look stylish on Holi? Try quirky and fun hairdos and wear a pair of shorts with a loose t-shirt, says actress Nargis Fakhri while sharing handy tips to make the festival glamorous and trendy.

  • Letters to the editor

    Brit wheels within wheels
    It is the British who were the first and foremost to advocate honesty is the best policy culture. And by now, it is the very British who seem to have opted in favour of rank dishonesty. This Rolls Royce bribe controversy in India’s defence deals with that British company of repute is a case in point. Being caught for unethical practice, it might now offer to return some Rs18

  • Optimism, A Key To Success

    THE more optimistic you are, the more creative you can be. With optimistic attitude, one can generate new ideas and create possibilities to move forward faster than at normal times. In fact, a determined effort to cultivate optimism can improve the quality of life, ensure happiness and success. A person without optimism either becomes a routine thinker and in the end no thinker at all.