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  • In US, Peeping Toms get licence to ‘upskirting’ !

    Boston : Ladies, beware of what you wear – if you are in Massachusetts! The top court in Massachusetts has ruled that ‘upskirting’ – the practice of secretly photographing under a woman’s skirt – is not prohibited by state law. The shocking decision by the Massachusetts’s high court said that a state law intended to prohibit ‘Peeping Tom’ voyeurism of completely or partially undressed people did not apply to those who take

  • DAE slams reports about ‘adverse radiation effects’

    The Department of Atomic Energy has issued a press release wherein it slammed certain reports in the media about the ‘adverse radiation effects’ of operations of Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. (UCIL) in Jaduguda of East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. It termed these reports as “speculative, misleading and are not based on scientific facts”.

  • Of Rahul Gandhi & Ashok Chavan

    Normative politics the world over is hard to practise. More so, in a poor country like India, which is experimenting with democracy for the first time in its long history. Therefore, one must not be too harsh in judging politicians and their craft. Pursuit of power being the universal goal of all politicians, how they go about achieving it tests their adherence, or lack of it, to moral and legal norms. A

  • Light A Candle

    One way to expand our personality is to read success stories. When we get fired and inspired, our strength increases; our enthusiasm becomes intense and we outstrip our own expectations. We see people going to a hospital and helping patients expecting nothing in return. We see workers going to slums and making children literate. We see people working to increase the sub-soil water level, to decrease water scarcity. We see volunteers coming

  • Globe Trotting

    Wear this hair clip for  self-defence on street

  • Sajid: Bigger, better things ahead!

    Sajid Nadiadwala is a very happy man these days. After the success and the acclaim that ‘Highway’ has landed his way, he is elated on being associated with such a project. “It’s a wonderful story told in a modest budget and I didn’t want to let go of an opportunity to work with Imtiaz,” said Sajid.

  • your day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- Your analytical abilities will help you to recover your losses you made in recent days. In business don’t postpone your important meetings as today is a successful today.

  • Corporate Briefs

    Govt may ask all refineries to produce fixed level of LPG

  • Internet is the new doctor

    London: More and more people today are using internet to learn and share health problems – a remarkable shift that has gained momentum in the last decade, a new research finds, according to IANS.