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  • Song sung blue…

    Arijit Singh is the voice behind practically every hit song that one has been hearing for a long time. He has such a soulful voice that it makes every melody he lends his voice to a super sensation. Recently when Arijit was performing, he confessed aloud that he wished that Sunny Leone was not a part of one of his

  • New immigration form for flyers comes into effect

    New Delhi : A new immigration form bearing additional fields for declaration of prohibited and dutiable goods for passengers flying into India has come into effect, reports PTI.

  • Insurance firm asked to cough up claim for heart ailment

    Thane : Rejecting the stand of an insurance company, a consumer forum has granted claim to a complainant while holding that he had neither concealed his illness nor undergone an operation before taking the policy for any specific ailment which can be treated as pre-existing disease.

  • To Swing In Life

    ALBERT EINSTEIN flunked in school because he could not synchronise with his teachers. Einstein experienced the world differently from his teachers and because his views were different, his teachers continually marked him down.

  • Daddy doesn’t mind

    Actress Sonam Kapoor’s daring bikini shot in “Bewakoofiyaan” may have raised some eyebrows, but her father Anil Kapoor was unfazed. In fact, he said it would get the film a “good opening”, reports IANS.

  • Corporate Briefs

    Indians may get high end Swiss chocolates at cheaper rates

  • your day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:-Strife and friction when they occur should be tactfully and diplomatically handled. As we all know, peaceful solutions will lead to greater growth and progress. Be cautious while on wheels.

  • Meteorite on earth another proof of water on Mars

    Washington : NASA scientists have found evidence of past water movement in a Martian meteorite that fell in Antarctica about 50,000 years ago, lending weight to the theory that Mars might have one supported life, reports

  • Reasons why couples argue on holiday

    London : Vacations are supposed to be a time for enjoying a perfect time with your significant other. But sometimes you can end up having arguments, according to IANS.