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  • Pet parrot leads police to its mistress’ killer

    Agra : A talking parrot has helped the police to crack the case of its mistress’ murder after it “identified” the alleged killer, reports PTI.

  • Mukti or Jeewan-Mutki?

    There is no doubt that each of us desires to be be happy in life and share our happiness with people around us.Yet most of us today yearn for peace and end up seeking mukti (total liberation from this world) when the going gets difficult. However one must understand that the concept of mukti does not hold true because all souls have their individual imperishable roles to play in this world drama.

  • Govt asks tax officials to be friendly with tax payers

    New Delhi : J.D. Seelam, Minister of State for Finance (Revenue) said that the tax officials should act as a facilitator rather than tax administrators. He said that there is a need to widen the tax base. There is need to simplify the tax procedure and make it more transparent, he added. He said that tax administration needs to be tax payer friendly. Seelam said that tax system should be stable so