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  • R N Nayak

    Power Grid posts Rs 1,042 cr net profit

    New Delhi :  State-owned Power Grid Corp saw its net profit slide nearly eight per cent to Rs 1,042.04 crore in the three months ended December 2013, mainly due to higher finance costs and tax expenses.

  • Anti-graft champions

    All political parties are against corruption, though to a greater or a lesser degree, all are corrupt. And that would include the newly-minted Aam Aadmi Party as well. However, anti-corruption noises being the flavour of the election season, everyone is keen to project oneself as a champion graft fighter. Thus, you have the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi talking of a slew of legislative measures to fight corruption. Whether he was sleeping on

  • Being focussed on your goals

    CHUCK GALLOZZI once wrote: “We have an innate desire to endlessly learn, grow and develop. We want to become more than what we already are. Once we yield to this inclination for continuous and never-ending improvement, we lead of a life of limitless accomplishment and satisfaction. Do something right and move on to the next right thing.” We are all unique human beings having infinite opportunity available and the power to do

  • Salman-Ashmit: Lost and Found

    Salman Khan’s trademark, the firoza bracelet, is a star in its own right. The bracelet has been with him for years now and has become Salman’s most prized possession till date. We’ve seen how the moment the bracelet enters the frame in any Salman Khan film, the crowd starts to roar wildly. That is the star value of that

  • Corporate Briefs

    AMFI may ask MFs to reveal investments from group cos

  • ‘Japan’s Beethoven’ not even deaf: ghost composer

    Tokyo : The musical brains behind a supposedly deaf composer dubbed “Japan’s Beethoven” claimed that the mock maestro was a scheming manipulator who could hear normally — but couldn’t even write sheet music.

  • India to launch online visas to attract tourists

    New Delhi :  Come October, citizens of the most country except Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and five other countries can apply online for visa and get electronic travel authorisation (ETA) within five days to fly into India and get the visa-on-arrival as tourists for a maximum period of 30 days.

  • your day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- Farmers and those in agricultural business will be able to settle their previous debt and will also get opportunity to expand their business by more exporting their products. Love affairs will be successful.

  • Learn how leftover bubbly can be consumed later!

    Madrid : Not sure whether the leftover wine or champagne from the just-concluded party would be fine for gulping it down later? Here comes an answer.

  • Hasva Phasvi

    What: Vishnudas Bhave Hall invites all theatre lovers to come and check out this unmatched Marathi play – Hasva Phasvi. Revived with actor Pushkar Shrotri playing the six roles originally played by veteran actor Dilip Prabhavalkar on stage, Pushkar will be seen portraying six different characters. Language: Marathi.

  • Pind Da Chaska

    What: Peninsula Grand Hotel hosts Punjabi Food Festival, ‘Pind Da Chaska’. The authentic Punjabi Food Festival will provide the perfect platform for Mumbaikars to gorge on some of the authentic food. This unique food festival will provide a plethora of traditional Punjabi dishes that will surely provide a food connoisseur an ideal opportunity to indulge and relish

  • I-T detects USD 50 million transfer in Yash Birla probe

    Mumbai : A single transaction involving a transfer of USD 50 million made between Mumbai and Singapore was detected by Income Tax officials probing an alleged tax evasion case against Yash Birla group, sources said.