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  • Serving Up Tradition In A Platter

    Gone are the days when home- style food seemed to have taken a back seat. Today, it’s all about going back to the roots, rediscovering culture by savouring authentic meals from across India, writes AZERA PARVEEN RAHMAN.

  • High Five heme: Dragons

    Dawn of the Dragonslayer
    Will Shepherd (Richard McWilliams) after the death of his father leaves his home in the mountains and sets out to avenge his death. But to slay the dragon that killed his father he must undertake training for the purpose from Baron Sterling (Ian Cullen). Sterling’s daughter Kate (Nicola Posener) trains him and over a period of

  • Shooting For A Century

    Drawing on his rich experience in South Asia to explore the character, depth, and origin of Indian and Pakistani attitudes toward each other, Cohen develops a comprehensive theory of why the dispute between New Delhi and Islamabad is likely to persist. (more…)

  • Dandiya Delights

    Dandiya and Garba with Falguni Pathak
    Falguni is back with a powerful and dedicated band crew ‘Ta Thaiya’ which provides the required punch to make the show a grand success. With a long list of shows in India and abroad Falguni has come a long way since she started off as a Dandiya singer in 1998. Today Falguni is undisputedly

  • Significance of Navratri nine days

    1st – 3rd day 
    On the first day of the Navratras, a small bed of mud is prepared in the puja room and barely seeds are sown on it. These initial days are dedicated to Durga Maa, the Goddess of power and energy.

  • Money on a philosophical note

    One of the famous Hindi quote states- ‘Jar, joroo aur jameen’ are the three prime reasons of conflict in society. Jar refers to money, joroo signifies wife (or shall we say women in particular) and jameen denotes land. And, the first and last causes have increasingly begun to portray money.

  • Editor’s Picks

    The Mute Anklet
    Radhika Nathan
    Imprint: Westland
    Pages: 292; Price: Rs 295

  • Amma Bonaza

    Tamil Nadu government generosity stands in bold relief against the current raging inflation, says V GANGADHAR after a Chennai visit. (more…)

  • Vijaya Dashami: Triumph of good over evil

    Navratri is held in commemoration of the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura and Vijaya Dashami, the tenth day, marks Lord Rama’s defeat of Ravana, writes MEERA S. SASHITAL. (more…)

  • Biodiversity on a platter

    First Food, a unique collection of recipes from different parts of India, brings to life the magic that takes place once biodiversity is combined with culinary dexterity. (more…)

  • Time Pass

    Each week we will get you some of the top stories that international papers and websites reported. Just in case you have been busy… (more…)

  • Walking, exercise can reduce breast cancer risk

    Walking seven hours a week can lower breast cancer risk by 14 per cent, while vigorous physical activity every day can cut the risk by 25 per cent, a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher has claimed.

  • Serving Up Tradition In A Platter

     Gone are the days when home-style food seemed to have taken a back seat. Today, it’s all about going back to the roots, rediscovering culture by avouring authentic meals from across India, writes AZERA PARVEEN RAHMAN. (more…)

  • Marrying a “foreigner”

    Sense of alienation

    Hello. I am 16 years old and in first year college. It has only been a couple of months and it has been ok so far. But as time is passing I am getting more and more uneasy going to college. I do not have a lot of friends yet and I feel different from others. I am also losing interest in other things because of

  • The Lowland

    The Lowland is an engrossing family saga and a story steeped in history that spans generations and geographies with seamless authenticity.  (more…)