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  • Born for action

    It took ten years for Akshay Kumar to move from action to comedy. After years of romancing other men’s girlfriends and wives on screen, Shah Rukh Khan decided to go with full legit action in ‘Ra.One’.

  • Together, finally?

    They were having coffee, conversations and more at the Vancouver Airport when a fan came over and took pictures with Katrina Kaif. The Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif ‘dosti’ aka ‘dillagi’ took a turn when they were boldly sitting next to each other sipping coffee and whispering sweet nothings on the way back from the

  • Avicii to play Slowly Slowly

    It’s usually the other way around, but thank god it is happening. After Jackky Bhagnani got PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ for his film, we have an international DJ remixing one of our songs.

  • ‘Theatre main hit, toh maamla fit’

    After a series of flops, David Dhawan has finally got a ray of sunshine with ‘Chashme Baddoor’, an official remake of the 1981 cult comedy. Call it the timing of release or the impact of its name, despite a not-so-popular cast, the movie had a business of Rs 19 crore on the opening weekend.

  • Rani Mukerji gets Mardaani, YRF’s next

    Actress Rani Mukerji is gearing up for a bold and powerful role in Yash Raj Films’ next project titled ‘Mardaani’. It will be directed by the acclaimed Pradeep Sarkar.

  • 68 carats for Arshad Warsi

    It is time for heists and cons. No wonder ‘Special 26’ was able to pull of a heist at the box office. Now, other filmmakers and actors want to do similar films.

  • Google Glass will change voyeurism

    If media reports are to be believed, Google Glass will soon change face pornographic videos. Google Glass, a pair of Internet-connected glasses that takes photos, records video and offers hands-free Internet access right in front of users’ eyes. These videos make the viewer feel like part of the action by filming from a first-person perspective. Once Glass launches, the porn industry intends to take full advantage of this new technology, say experts.

  • New gel to help relieve arthritis pain

    London : A new gel rubbed into the skin of arthritis sufferers twice a day may alleviate pain by up to 40 per cent, researchers claim, according to PTI.

  • She who sings prays twice

    Ronita Torcato profiles multi talented singer Lalitya Munshaw. Somewhere in the USA (or Europe), there’s got to be a mirror image of the versatile singer Lalitya Munshaw. Consider this: She was raised in a household that had three temples where satsangs were a daily feature. Now, replace bhajans with gospel music, temples with chapels and satsangs with congregations, i.e. assemblies of God lovers…Getit? As the opening of this para goes here above,

  • Strong-willed friends key to self-control

    Washington : Low on self-control? Surrounding yourself with strong-willed friends may help, according to a new study, reports PTI.

  • Pacemakers for depression patients

    Berlin : German scientists have implanted pacemakers in the brains of patients suffering from depression, with remarkable results, reports IANS.

  • Digital Disorder Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

    Nowadays there is a trend to attach the word “Digital” to everything and anything. One gets to see digital communication in all forms, be it digital cameras, digital channels, digital set top boxes, digital signature, digital tutors, digital banking  etc. One wonders the reason behind this fascination for digital equipments or services?. So obsessed we have become today with these technologies that the first thing we do on getting up in the

  • Face-to-face negotiations favour the powerful

    London : Want to ask boss for a raise? Avoid a face-to-face meeting! If you are negotiating with someone who has more power than you it is a good idea to avoid face-to-face meetings, according to a new study, reports PTI.

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- You must regain control of your life. Leave your old self behind, and accept the change that life brings to you. You will soon find a new personal and emotional balance.

  • RBS India Chief Meera Sanyal quits, eyes politics

    Mumbai : Quitting her high-flying banking career to seek a career in politics, Meera Sanyal, country executive for Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in India, has resigned from her post. Sanyal tweeted the news.

  • Corporate Briefs

    Shasun Pharma in licensing pact with Swiss-based Debiopharm

  • Two faces of the US

    The recent revelation about the US -Pak secret deal in 2004, allowing both to pick and choose the terrorists they would target, point to its double-dealing