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    The financial health of SEBs is an area of concern

    Rural Electrification Corporation (REC), a Navratna Central Public Sector Enterprise that provides loans to SEBs/ State Power Utilities for investments in rural electrification schemes, plans new projects to boost its fee-based income. HD Khunteta, CMD, REC spoke to Amrit Ghosal in this interview with the Free Press Journal

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    Dr Pathik Pathak, Director of Undergraduate Programmes, University of Southampton (UK) ,and author of Social Enterprise India talks to SHRADDHA KAMDAR about sharing techniques and resources for social enterprise

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    Dear readers, Many times you may have questions related to career guidance that you are not certain whom to ask. We now have a space here for your benefit. If you have a question relating to a course, an entrance exam or the prospects and requirements of any field, do write in to our counsellor at fpjcounsellor@ gmail. com


    They write codes that become the building blocks of virtually everything in the world.

  • IIPM : The B- School with a Human Face

    The latest B- School rankings to hit the stands, DNA Best BSchools of India, has once again proved IIPM’s growing stature as a top ten B- School in India. IIPM was ranked No. 6 overall. However, what is worth a special mention are its International Exposure, CSR, Placement and Industry interface rankings where IIPM got ranked 1, 1, 10 and 6. While in the last decade or so IIPM’s climb

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    Anything good: Congress Hand. Anything bad: Foreign Hand.

  • Scams are ballooning

    Real estate, mining, drugs, arms, civil aviation, are the big ticket items behind the proverbial rags- to- riches stories as paupers turn millionaires